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Scientists have found incredibly huge reserves of water in the mantle of the Earth

Researchers at Northwestern UniversityIllinois (USA) found evidence of a huge basin of water deep inside the Earth’s mantle. This basin, according to scientists, contains three times more water than is found in all the oceans on the surface, filled with a special, highly pressed rock called ringwoodite. Scientists believe that their discovery, details of which were recently published in one of the latest issues of the scientific journal Science, can shed light on where and how oceans formed on Earth.

earthA group of scientists led by the mineralogist StephenJacobsen, using data from two thousand seismometers, monitored how seismic waves generated by earthquakes change the internal structure of the Earth. The speed of these waves varied depending on what type of underground rocks they passed through. Wet ringwood caused a similar effect when the waves reached it. After that, Jacobsen was able to recreate wet ringwood in the laboratory. The results of observation of it turned out to be identical to what a group of scientists collected from seismographs. It turns out that ringwood, being under very strong influence of heat and pressure of the Earth’s mantle, begins to release the water inside it. And all this water is located at a depth of approximately between 320 and 640 kilometers underground. Now scientists cannot say whether it is fresh water or salt water.

A new discovery adds points to the piggy bank of theories,according to which the oceans on the surface of our planet are of Earthly origin. However, for more confident statements, according to scientists, many additional tests and studies should be carried out. A group of Jacobsen scientists notes that they found tanks with ringwoodite under the continent of North America, so it is not yet clear how far the water from this source has spread.