Scientists have found a way to slow down aging

Despite significant advances in medicine forRecently, one of the main factors in the development of age-related diseases, namely the aging of the body, is still beyond the control of modern science. However, numerous studies and experiments prove that nothing is possible. For example, recently a group of researchers from the University of Leeds was able to slow down aging in a very unusual way. It does not hurt at all and even nobody will poke needles at you.

How to slow down aging?

According to the publication EuroAclert!A new technique is the transcutaneous electrostimulation of the vagus nerve to affect the autonomic nervous system. In simple terms, the autonomic nervous system is responsible for the functions of the body that do not require conscious thinking. These include, for example, digestion, palpitations, contraction of arterial walls, respiration, and so on. But why the vegetative nervous system? This question was answered by the lead author Dr. Beatrice Breterton.

With age, we become more prone to suchpathologies like high blood pressure, heart disease and respiratory systems. Stimulation of the autonomic nervous system allows us to influence the regulatory mechanisms of our organs without the need for medication or invasive procedures.

In addition, the researchers also pay attentionand on the device of the most vegetative nervous system. It is divided into two branches - sympathetic and parasympathetic, which, roughly speaking, work against each other in order to maintain balance. In a simplified form, the sympathetic branch helps the body during the period of activity, and the parasympathetic - during the rest period. With age, the sympathetic branch begins to dominate. And this imbalance makes us more susceptible to diseases and leads to disruption of various body functions.

What you need to do in order not to grow old?

As already mentioned, for this scientists fromThe University of Leeds proposes to use electrostimulation of the vagus nerve. Earlier studies have shown its connection with depression, epilepsy, obesity, stroke, tinnitus, and heart disease. However, this type of stimulation requires surgery to implant electrodes in the neck, but there is one small branch of the vagus nerve that can be stimulated without surgery. And it is located in the skin in the ear.

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In their new work, scientists decided to checkthe effect on this zone on older people. A group of 29 volunteers over 55 years old was assembled. For 2 weeks, they took daily 15-minute electrical stimulation courses. As a result, this led to an increase in activity, and the return of the balance of the autonomic nervous system to a state close to normal.

Some experience participants also reportedimproving the psychological state and sleep patterns. Also, people have normalized pressure and decreased problems with the respiratory system. Further research is focused on the effect of long-term electrostimulation on the health of patients and their general well-being.

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