Scientists have discovered the most poisonous substance in the world

In nature, there are many fatalhuman poisons, but none of them can compete with botulinum toxin, which is also popularly known as the drug Botox. Until this year, scientists knew only seven varieties of this dangerous proteinaceous neurotoxin, but as a result of long-term research, the eighth form of poison, the most dangerous for humans, was discovered, the details of which, for obvious reasons, are still kept in the strictest confidence.

Botox injections containing extremely lowconcentration of botulinum toxin, are widely used in modern cosmetology in order to block nerve impulses going to the facial muscles of the face and, as a result, eliminate the appearance of wrinkles. Simply put, Botox partially paralyzes a person's face for up to six months, after which additional injections are required.

In medicine, the least dangerous type of botulinum toxin (type A) is used, the lethal dose of which is 0.001 μg / kg of human weight. The lethal dose of the most toxic until today type of botulinum toxin (type D) was the concentration 0.0004 μg / kg body weight.

A new substance that scientists have discovered can kill an adult at the concentration of everything 0.000000002 gram if the substance is injected, or 0.000000013 gram if inhaled. To make it clearer for you: a tablespoon of such a substance, poured into the water supply system of a medium-sized city, will lead to the death of most of its population.

Botulinum toxin is one of the most difficultproteins synthesized by a living organism - the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. Its mass is about 150 thousand atomic mass units, which is three times the typical size of most other proteins. The effect of this toxin on the body is expressed primarily in disorders of the nervous system. It strikes the nerve centers of the heart, cranial nerves, skeletal muscles, as a result of which the metabolic processes of oxygen are disrupted, asphyxiation of the airways occurs, paralysis of the respiratory muscles and heart muscle.

Since the neurotoxin discovered by scientists representsa serious threat to society, and the antidote that can block its effect on a living organism does not yet exist in nature, researchers keep all the details of their discovery in the strictest confidence. Let it stay that way. It’s even scary to imagine what would happen if this poison fell into the hands of one of the many terrorist organizations.