Scientists have discovered a crime committed 33 thousand years ago.

Scientists who study the remainsancient people, there is plenty of evidence that thousands of years ago, representatives of the species Homo sapiens brutally killed each other. For example, this is evidenced by human remains found during the Second World War in the Romanian cave Choklovina - traces of several serious injuries were found on its skull. For a long time, researchers could not accurately determine the exact cause of death of a person, but thanks to modern methods of forensic examination, the crime was finally solved.

For more than 70 years of studying the skull with twoserious damage, the researchers managed to put forward several hypotheses about the causes of death of its owner. Some scientists believed that the skull was damaged after the death of a person - possibly during research. There was also a version that a man died after falling on his head a cave stone. The murder version seemed more plausible, and a group of scientists from the University of Crete found strong evidence in its favor.

Disclosed the crime of a thousand years ago

To establish the nature of the damage,Researchers have created copies of the head from a material that mimics the properties of real bones. Subsequently, they dropped them from different heights and hit the baseball bat, and even a piece of volcanic rock, which could well have been a murder weapon. The blows were struck in two positions: when the artificial head was leaning against a hard surface (the blow could have been struck when the victim was already lying on the ground), and in an upright position if he was a man on his feet.

Consequences of hitting a baseball bat

Using computed tomography, theyfound that there were no signs of healing around the fractures, that is, the version that the victim was injured, and then recovered, is completely ruled out. The theory that the injuries were inflicted after the death of a person is also excluded - in this case, the bones of the person would become old and dry, and the fractures would have sharp edges. In the case of the remains, fragments of bones flowed smoothly inside, indicating the presence of soft brain tissue inside the skull at the time of death.

Traces of injuries on the skull, where the blue shows fractures from a fall, and red - from a blow

Causes of Traumatic Brain Injuries

According to scientists, the first injury was receivedafter the fall of the ancient man to the earth from the height of his own height. But the second, depressed fracture, was made a blunt object - after a blow, fragments of the skull flew off to the back of the skull, which indicates that the person met his killer face to face. The blows fell on the right side of the human head, so it is assumed that the killer was left-handed.

In the modern world, if I had toTo determine the cause of death of this person as a forensic scientist, I would say that a person died from traumatic brain injury (as the brain would also have been damaged by strokes) and that it was a murder, - Elena Kranioti, employee of the University of Crete.

The most interesting thing is that this is not the mostterrible murder of ancient times. In April, we wrote about Neanderthals, who, due to sharp climatic changes, were forced to kill and eat each other.

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