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Scientists have deciphered the language of non-verbal communication of chimpanzees

Unlike wolves and dogs that communicate withChimpanzees use sign language with their kinsmen. Scientists for the first time compiled a dictionary in which decoding of the movements of primates is given, bearing a certain meaning for the interlocutor.


As you know, our next geneticrelatives communicate using gestures. A new study found that chimpanzees use their paws to say phrases like “follow me,” “stop doing this,” or “take this,” Discovery writes. A study by scientists from the University of St Andrews of Scotland was published in the journal Current Biology.

In total, the researchers decoded 66 gestures,which can work separately or in conjunction to send more informative messages to the addressee. The sign language used by chimpanzees is understood by any representative of this species.

Researchers studied video recordings of more than 4,500 sign language communications in more than 3,400 chimpanzee contacts in Uganda between 2007 and 2009.

If the mother shows the legs to her baby, then thismay mean scramble up on me. Touching the paw of another individual means “scratch me”, and biting the leaves is used by chimpanzees to attract the attention of representatives of the opposite sex.

According to the researchers, the observations madeshowed a clear relationship between some gestures and subsequent actions of the interlocutor. However, some gestures may be perceived ambiguously. If one chimpanzee grabs another, then the message can be deciphered as "stop doing it", "climb on me" or even "go away."

This study once again proves that animals and humans have much in common.