Scientists have created a heat-resistant fabric with a melting threshold at the level of metals (2 photos)

Russian scientists from St. PetersburgState University of Industrial Technology and Design created a fabric that combines fire resistance, hydrophobicity and resistance to oils and bacteria. Due to the possibility of dyeing, it can be used not only in industry, but also in everyday life - for example, for the manufacture of various clothes and paraphernalia.

The fabric is made up of meta-aramid fibers.untreated, they withstand temperatures up to 450 ° C, but are not capable of pigmentation. Employees of SPbGUPTD experimented with heat-resistant dyes (particle size up to 1 μm), adding them to a polymer solution in a certain concentration, and this gave a color of medium and dark tones, resistant to liquid, friction and light. The resulting colored fabric began to withstand temperatures from -80 ° C to +540 ° C without losing its basic qualities.

“The development is completely import-substituting,indicators of flame retardant properties, thermal stability, water and oil resistance, biocidal properties correspond to world analogues, ”Tamara Dyankova, the author of the development, told the Habr portal.

The technology has already passed the testing stage and startedintroduction of non-flammable furniture fabrics and floor coverings, as well as safe materials for the interior decoration of transport, into domestic enterprises engaged in the production of workwear.

Source: habr