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Scientists have caught another signal from space, but now it is regularly repeated

In 2007, the scientific community shuddered athigh-profile news - scientists caught powerful signals from an unknown origin from space. According to the researchers, some of these signals emit more energy than 500 million suns. However, they last several milliseconds and, in most cases, do not repeat. Due to the irregular occurrence of signals and their fast disappearance, scientists still cannot identify their source. These signals are supposed to be emitted by space objects like distant stars and black holes, but the romantics sincerely hope that these are encrypted messages from aliens. Perhaps in the near future we will find out the answer to one of the main mysteries of space, because recently scientists discovered another mysterious signal that repeats.

FRB - at the moment one of the most mysterious space phenomena

Secrets of the cosmos

These mysterious people already have a scientific name. In Russian literature they are referred to as “fast radio bursts,” and in English as Fast Radio Bursts or, in short, FRB. The first mysterious signal was received in 2007 by a group of scientists led by Professor Duncan Lorimer. The signal was very short and was no longer repeated, so it took scientists 5 whole years to find the point from where it arrived. It is believed that the signal was sent from the dwarf galaxy Small Magellanic Cloud. The energy surge was called FRB 010724, but sometimes it is called in honor of Professor Lorimer - Lorimer burst.

Small Magellanic Cloud

Scientists Learn to Locatesources of signals, but they still cannot explain which particular object sends them. Since the discovery of the first mysterious signal, scientists have recorded other similar bursts of energy, but one of them was more interested in the others. In 2012, the Arecibo radio telescope located in Puerto Rico caught another short signal, which was given the name FRB 121102. They forgot about it for a while, but in 2016 they noticed it again - this is already interesting, isn't it?

Radio signal FRB 121102

Researchers believed that in occurrenceThere are no patterns in the signals from the source FRB 121102 discovered in 2012. It was believed that they arise completely randomly. The first signal was discovered in 2012, it repeated in 2016 - since no one gave the patterns, the next surge can happen at any time, say, in 2025.

Signals from space

But, as it turned out, the pattern in occurrencethere are still signals. Recently, employees of the Jodrell Bank Observatory in the UK discovered another signal from the aforementioned source FRB 121102. They conducted a study and found out that for some time the signals appear frequently, and then there is a period of long lull. After the “holiday”, the signals are repeated again and this cycle occurs regularly.

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According to researchers, the period of activity of FRB121102 lasts 90 days - during this period of time, FRB signals occur repeatedly. The lull period, in turn, lasts 67 days. One cycle takes 157 days and is repeated again and again. If the calculations of the researchers are correct, then at the moment the source FRB 121102 from time to time sends signals - the activity cycle was supposed to begin on June 2.

Another image of FRB 121102

In 2020, scientists took a big step in the study ofmysterious signals. In February, my colleague Daria Yeletskaya spoke about another signal, called FRB 180916. He also interested scientists in repeating itself. Judging by the results of observations, for four days it flares up 1-2 times per hour. Then it subsides for 12 days. After almost two weeks of silence, the signals repeat, then silence follows and this cycle repeats again and again.

FRB signals are picked up by radio telescopes from all over the world.

Now scientists know two sources at once,which send signals at a predetermined frequency. The more such sources are detected, the easier it will be for scientists to figure out which object sends them. Most likely, the “scientific” explanation for the strong bursts of energy is true - they can come from stars, black holes and other distant objects of vast space.

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But the theory that they are sent by aliens,doubtful. If the signals came from a strictly defined point in the sky, there would be no questions. And here, the signals come from completely different sources. However, maybe we are surrounded by several dozen intelligent alien civilizations, and they all want to contact us? You know, amid all the events taking place in 2020, even an alien invasion will not surprise anyone.