Scientists have announced the creation of a medicine that completely eliminates cancer.

A group of researchers from Israel reported thatturned out to be close to discovering a cure for cancer. The work was commented on by Dr. Dan Aridor from research firm AEBi. According to him, he believes that in a year the team will be able to offer complete healing from a dangerous disease. Their technique will be effective from the first day. Course duration will be several weeks. There should be no side effects, the drug kills only malignant cells without affecting healthy ones. The cost of treatment will be much lower than many other procedures on the market.

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MuTaTo medicine, or multi-target toxin -multipurpose toxin, which is a technology for the destruction of cancer of the highest order. Used a combination of peptides and toxin, specifically killing cancer cells. Just due to the combination of peptides, the final destruction of these cells became possible. As well as the prevention of their mutations and the development of drug resistance. MuTaTo treatment will be selected individually. The patient will take a biopsy, on the basis of which they will make a special individual “cocktail”.

Now researchers have completed a researchmouse test. They managed to stop the development of cancer cells, while not allowing side effects for healthy cells. Further, we must pass clinical trials with people who will need several years instead of 1 year to conduct them. True, scientists are not sure that their results are the most effective, high-quality and multifunctional. Yet other experts doubt that the Israeli method is universal and effective for all varieties of this disease.