Scientists for the sake of the experiment dropped an egg from space (video)

Among engineers, competition withdropping eggs from different heights. We are talking about raw chicken eggs, which are placed in various protective devices. Usually in such competitions, the product is lifted by tens of meters, but former NASA engineer Marc Robert decided to go much further. He, with a group of other enthusiasts, dropped an egg from a height of 30 km above sea level.

In order to achieve a successful result, the specialist made many unsuccessful launches for three years, spending a lot of money on it.

It is reported that one of the unexpected difficulties was the banal freezing of eggs at such a height. To preserve the physical properties of the object, the engineer came up with a heating system.

As a parachute, nylon trimmings for trial rover parachutes were used. From there, the test inflatable pillow for the Opportunity apparatus was “borrowed”.