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Scientists first created antibodies that can destroy coronavirus

For several months, scientists from many countries of the world, including Russian, have been trying to create an effective coronavirus vaccine. And then their labors finally yielded the first fruits: scientists from two countries at once were able to isolate in laboratory conditions antibodies that can neutralize the SARS-CoV-2 virus. On May 4, biologists from the Netherlands reported their successes, and today they were able to create antibodies to coronavirus in the scientific laboratory of the Institute for Biological Research of Israel. These discoveries were a real breakthrough and a serious advance towards the creation of a vaccine, since in theory they will not only help to cope with COVID-19, but also will prevent a similar epidemic in the future.

Scientists come close to creating a vaccine against coronavirus

Antibodies - These are substances that are produced by the cells of the immune system and kill viruses that enter the human body.

Antibodies Obtained by Scientists May Attackcoronavirus, destroying the spike-like protein - the main surface protein SARS-CoV-2, which allows it to penetrate the cells of the human body so deftly. Thus, antibodies do not allow the coronavirus to spread further. Depriving him of his mobility, they essentially kill a dangerous virus, Reuters writes with reference to scientists.

Coronavirus vaccine

According to the researchers, these antibodies will be able tonoticeably accelerate the recovery of most patients with coronavirus, and over time, thanks to vaccination, the population will develop immunity to COVID-19. Ahead, scientists will have to conduct animal tests and clinical trials in humans before medical facilities around the world get access to a life-saving vaccine. It is likely that the resulting antibodies will not be as effective in a living environment, but so far the researchers are extremely optimistic.

How antibodies (gray) affect the distribution of coronavirus (blue)

Israeli Defense Minister Naftali Bennett saidthat as soon as human trials have been successfully completed, the country intends to establish the production of antibodies "in commercial quantities." That is, Israel’s plans to sell the life-saving vaccine to other countries. Scientists from the Netherlands have not yet reported such an intention. In any case, until biologists from other countries can themselves create antibodies to coronavirus, the vaccine will have to be purchased from those who already have it.

How to treat coronavirus

So far, scientists from other countries, including inRussia, have learned how to obtain antibodies to coronavirus in only one way - using transfusion of blood plasma. To help other people with less strong immunity, a person who has been ill with coronavirus is taken blood plasma and transfused with a sick person. In this plasma, there are various substances, platelets for healing and antibodies that the immunity of the donor has developed. After getting into the body of a sick person, antibodies begin to kill the coronavirus, because they already had such an experience in the body of the donor. In fact, human blood plasma is the same vaccine that helps in the fight against coronavirus. But it is very small, since not everyone wants to become a plasma donor, and the number of patients recovered from the coronavirus is not as great as the number of cases.

Recently, my colleague Lyubov Sokovikova wrotematerial in which she spoke in detail about what happens to human immunity during quarantine. Spoiler - it is weakening, but the article has excellent tips on how to strengthen it at home.

Now it remains only to conduct tests on animals and humans

Until most people get vaccinatedantibodies to coronavirus, everyone who has not developed immunity (who has not been ill) will again become infected. And this will happen until the entire population of the Earth gets sick. Therefore creating coronavirus vaccines is the primary concern. Initially, scientists said that SARS-CoV-2 vaccine it will be ready no earlier than the end of 2020, but now there is a hope that antibodies will be available to the majority by the end of summer. Everything will depend on the success of the tests.

Another question is if Israel plans to sellcoronavirus vaccine, how much will it cost? Now there are medicines, one injection of which costs tens, or even hundreds of millions of rubles. In theory, governments of countries should take care of this, since not all citizens will have the opportunity to get a life-saving injection, even if it costs 5-10 thousand rubles. Nevertheless, first of all, it is in the interests of the government to prevent the spread of infection in the country.