Scientists: by 2099, beer will become a scarce drink

It is believed that climate change maydeprive humanity of many foods. Scientists already have fears that in the future the Earth will become unsuitable for the growth of some plants, and chocolate, wine and even Tabasco sauce will become inaccessible to people. A new study, published in the journal Nature Plants Monday, suggests that by 2099, humanity could lose even the oldest drink - beer.

The results of the study showed that becauseextremely hot conditions expected by 2099, barley yields will decline from 3 to 17% worldwide. Depending on the region, the price of beer may increase from 52 to 300%. It turns out that today's beer worth $ 4 in the future will cost from 6 to 24 dollars.

Climate data for1981-2010 and four climate models. The calculations showed that the greatest damage to the barley crop will be done in Russia, Ireland and Brazil - in these countries the most dramatic warming is observed. At the same time, Belgium and Japan can produce more beer, and the drink will become a luxury for many people.

According to scientists, in most regionsbarley yield will remain at a satisfactory level. However, scientists did not pay attention to other factors that could ruin the crop. These include pests and natural disasters such as floods.

Researchers recalled that due to a lack of beer, no one would die. Moreover, a smaller amount of its use can positively affect the health of the population.

This is not the only scientificbeer research. For example, in 2013, brewers cloned beer found on an 1840 ship. In 2018, Australian brewers created beer with a reduced amount of gas specifically for astronauts.

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