Scientists: by 2030, humanity is waiting for a small ice age

On Earth may come miniature glacialperiod, scientists warn. A new study showed that between 2020 and 2030, solar cycles can neutralize each other, leading to a phenomenon known as the Maunder Minimum. What it is? But the main thing - how to prevent this?


  • 1 When the new ice age comes
  • 2 Global warming will cause an ice age
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  • 4 How to survive the ice age

When will the new ice age come

New model of solar activity thatscientists have developed, shows a violation of 11-year cyclical. She describes the special effects in two layers of the Sun, because of which this star for some time will not be able to heat us just as it has done for the last hundreds of years. According to experts, by 2030, solar activity will decrease by 60 percent, leading to a small ice age. The results of the study were presented at a meeting of astronomers in Wales.

Researchers say that in the 26th solarthe cycle, which falls on the period between 2020 and 2030, the two waves of the sun neutralize each other. As a result of their destructive interaction, a significant decrease in solar activity will occur (that is, it will become noticeably colder on Earth) and a new Maunder Minimum will come.

Minder Maunder - the phenomenon of long-termreduce the number of sunspots, which already occurred from 1645 to 1715. Then even the river Thames in London was frozen! Waves can be in phase and enhance the activity of the Sun or, conversely, be out of phase and reduce solar activity to a minimum: in the latter case, a small ice age begins.

Global warming will cause an ice age

Melting glaciers in Antarctica, 2019

Now it seems strange, because we all seewhat heat is now in the same Europe. And the area of ​​the Antarctic sea ice at the beginning of this year has decreased to 5.5 million square kilometers, and this is at least in almost 40 years of observations. But most experts are concerned about the rate of rise in ocean temperature. With a decrease in the absorptive capacity of the ocean, heat begins to accumulate in the atmosphere. And this leads to a violation of the thermal balance of the Earth.

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How global warming will causeice Age? Due to the rapid melting of glaciers, the circulation of warm currents is disturbed. After that, the temperature in Europe, North America and the world will noticeably drop: a violation of the circulation of warm currents will make it impossible to transfer heat from the equator to Europe and North America. But the worst thing will be if the Gulf Stream stops completely - the main warm current that forms a warm climate in European countries. However strange it may sound, global warming will subsequently lead to a cooling.

How to prevent the ice age

In fact, little depends on the person. Even if we reduce the emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere, we cannot influence the processes that occur in the sun. And if you try to stop the warming, solar activity will sooner or later fall. If scientists have identified a violation of 11-year cyclicality, then it is. Another question - whether everything will be as bad as they say? While no one takes to talk about it.

How to survive the ice age

At one time, Neanderthals were able to survivesevere ice age. What are we worse? In their case, due to active hunting and the risk of running into predators, injuries were an integral part of life. If they neglected the wounded and treated them as an unnecessary burden, they simply would not have survived. As a rule, Neanderthals were held in groups, and the loss of even one member was considered a disaster. Simply put, survived by caring for each other.

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Modern humanity is unlikely to be limitedjust one concern - yet we have much more technology at our disposal. What would you do if the ice age came? Share in our telegram chat.