Scientists are close to creating a liquid "Terminator"

Surely, when watching the movie "Terminator 2: Doomsday ”, almost every spectator was delighted with cyborg T-1000 from liquid metal. At the moment, the creation of such a robot, of course, is impossible, but scientists are slowly moving towards this goal. For example, researchers from the American chemical community have managed to create a liquid metal that can be controlled with a magnetic field. This can be considered a small, but extremely important step, because this is the first time that the material has been moved not only horizontally, but also vertically.

If liquid robots are created in the future, thenthey will surely be made from gallium or other metals that melt at room temperature. In addition to this property, they have other features like high conductivity and infinite flexibility. Liquid metal can be moved with the help of magnets - as long as nickel or iron particles are added to the alloy.

Unfortunately, due to the high surfacetension, magnetized liquid metal could be moved only horizontally and only inside any liquid. But researchers have found a way to even move them vertically. They reduced the tension, creating a liquid alloy of gallium, iron, indium and tin - when immersed in hydrochloric acid, a layer of gallium oxide was formed on the surface of the material, which affected the surface tension.

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By putting a magnet in opposite sides,The researchers have ensured that the material stretched vertically. This means that they can move even in three-dimensional space, and not just in the plane, as before. The new alloy is not yet ready for use in liquid robots - before that scientists are still far away. However, a new discovery, at least a little, brought scientists closer to creating a new type of robot.

What do you think, in what year humanitywill create a liquid robot? Did the cyborg T-1000 from the second Terminator impress you? You can write your guess and answer in the comments, or in our Telegram-chat.