Scientific breakthrough: the test for Parkinson's disease was created thanks to a woman with a supernush (5 photos)

Joy Milne helped scientists create a test that identifiesParkinson's disease before the onset of its symptoms. The order of cancer, Alzheimer's, tuberculosis and other diseases, each of these diseases also has its own flavor.

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The fact is that former nurse Joy Milnevery sensitive smell. It can identify the characteristic musky scent characteristic of patients with Parkinson's disease. And it all started with the fact that she noticed a change in the smell of her husband for 12 years before being diagnosed by doctors. Later, visiting the support group for patients with this disease and their relatives, she noted that all patients smell the same. This is what Tilo Kunaht, a neurobiologist at the University of Edinburgh, told us about.

The scientist tested Joy Milne's abilities by giving herseveral T-shirts, some of which belonged to people with Parkinson's disease. Milne was not mistaken in any of them. And even pointed out another person who was considered healthy. He was diagnosed 8 months later. After a successful trial, a woman was hooked up to the study Specialists sought to identify the molecules responsible for the specific aroma.

According to Milne, the smell was the harshest on the backfrom above, there sebum is released very intensely. From the samples of this fat, 4 basic volatile compounds were isolated. Milne confirmed the consistency of the mixture of their aromas and the aroma of Parkinson's disease. A non-invasive test will be based on these compounds, allowing you to make a diagnosis long before the onset of symptoms. The accuracy of the test will be tested on 1,000 patients and 100 healthy people. Scientists are interested to establish whether it is possible to determine the rate of development of Parkinson's disease and its various forms by changing the smell. But most of all they are interested in whether it will be possible later on by smell to reveal how effective the chosen course of treatment is with the use of certain medications.

The next stage of work for scientists iscreating similar tests to detect other diseases. Joy Milne is already preparing to study chemicals that cause the characteristic odor of tuberculosis. Next will be studied cancer, which, according to Joy, has an earthy odor, and Alzheimer's disease, remotely giving away vanilla.