Scammers steal passwords via Google Translator (3 photos)

Smarty scammers probably neverthere will be a limit. This type of people is always ready to come up with a new way to get out of respectable, but not always attentive and sometimes gullible, users of confidential data. For example, logins and passwords to social networks, electronic mailboxes or information from bank cards.

Now hackers are spreading the link to the page,very similar to the authorization form of Google services. True, this page is located at an incomprehensible address, but the scammers managed to hide it. Instead, they link to a translator from Google, but the link opens a fake form from intruders.

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That is a potential victim, moving on theirlink, visually sees the official website of Google. A person may not pay attention to the fact that the page opens in the interface of the translator. And the site looks exactly like the Google page. Everything looks quite convincing. So sharing your login and password with scammers is very easy.

To distribute a fake form, hackersenjoy classic phishing. An email is sent to the electronic form stating that someone has logged in to the user account. Further requested to check everything. The message is disguised as Google corporate identity.

When letters arrive from services, it is important to look first at the mailing address of the author, and not at their design. In this case, the address was used. [email protected], Google has nothing to do. And this is at least suspicious.