Scammers have found a new way to steal money through the terminals of Sberbank

Modern society is already inseparably linked withcashless payments by bank cards. Financial institutions, organizations and people cannot imagine their lives without this convenient invention, which makes it easy to get money, be it salary, credit or transfer, payment for services and goods, currency exchange, and so on. Of course, any cardholder expects his bank to be serious about security, and therefore he will stop any illegal actions of fraudsters who try to steal money from customers' accounts with various tricks. However, Sberbank is not in a hurry. Moreover, the new scheme of stealing money through the terminals is completely ignored by the credit institution, despite numerous incidents and complaints of victims.

The essence of the method is that the attacker, without insertingthe card, initiates a transaction in the Sberbank terminal but, without completing it, moves away from the ATM. At the same time, the software of the bank is set up in such a way that 90 seconds are given for the completion of the operation and for its completion it is necessary to enter the card and the pin code.
Next customer from the queuewithout feeling a trick, he inserts his card into the terminal and indicates his pin code, which completes the scammer operation. As a result, money from the account of the victim is debited for the joy and profit of the criminal.

As it turned out, the method described above is not new. It became known about him for the first time six months ago, but it was in the last 2 weeks that the number of incidents increased significantly, and they occur when there is a queue to the terminal. According to experts, the time of the session for an unfinished operation can be programmatically reduced, and the script itself can also be changed. For example, in other banks for similar requests, there is much less time (30 seconds) and, most often, you must enter a PIN code before starting a request. All this does not allow fraudsters to use ATMs of other financial and credit institutions in their insidious schemes.

The most annoying thing is that they don’t see Sberbankproblems in this situation at all: “All self-service systems of our bank are reliably protected. For security reasons, we recommend our customers to carefully read the information on the ATM screen, and also to pay attention to the presence of suspicious persons nearby, they indicated there. “In case of doubt, it is better to refuse to conduct the operation and inform the bank by calling 900”.