Sberbank will allow you to withdraw money from the card through the cashier of stores (3 photos)

Already in July 2019, Sberbank will launch the serviceallowing cardholders to withdraw cash at the cash desks of merchants during payment for goods. In addition to Sberbank cards, the service will also be available for MasterCard and Visa cards of third-party banks that support this service.

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First of all, this service will be available onsmall and medium businesses. Large trading companies will activate the service in September. The mechanism for obtaining cash on hand is quite simple. When making a purchase, the cashier enters the amount, which includes the cost of the purchased goods and the amount required for the issuance of money. Then everything happens as in the case of an ordinary purchase using a bank card: the buyer enters a PIN code, and the total amount is deducted from his bank account. The amount of cash in one transaction is limited to 5 000 rubles.

Cash disbursement functionenterprises called Purchase with Cash Back and is already actively used in stores in the US, UK and Germany. The service is not free, for example, in the USA one transaction costs the cardholder from $ 1 to $ 3.