Saturday coffee #218

The week was not the most interesting, a couple of new products and some changes in the market. So, "Yandex" closed

a deal to sell Zen and Novosti.VK became the new owner of these services. Also, as a result of the transaction, Delivery Club became part of the Yandex business. The company will continue to develop the Delivery Club brand, its application and website will continue to operate. At the same time, the service will switch to a single technological platform with Yandex Food.

And since November 1, Yandex has turned off the regular Yandex.Plus tariff, leaving only Plus Multi for 299 rubles.

Izvestia wrote that Samsung could fully return to our market before the end of the year. But there is no official confirmation of this information yet.

And in the international market, the Korean manufacturer continues to tease Apple.

On our website, a comparison of the new Galaxy Fold with its predecessor was published:

Compare Samsung Z Galaxy Fold4 and Fold3. Is it worth it to switch?

We understand all the little things that distinguish the Fold4 from the previous model. The experience of using both models and every little thing under close attention.

For iPhone owners, the new iOS 16 operating system has become available for download. Who has already installed it, how do you like it?

And on Friday, the new iPhone 14 went on sale, forexcept for the 14 Plus, which will only arrive next month. As it usually happens, ads immediately appeared on Avito for the sale of new products, mainly the iPhone 14 Pro / Pro Max in the new Deep Purple color. The sellers put up a crazy price tag, someone tried to sell a novelty for 500,000, someone for 300,000 rubles. But by the end of the day, offers appeared at more humane prices, although they were also much higher than the prices in the store.

In the topic of Apple, I recommend you our material about new online fraud schemes:

Buying an iPhone 13 Pro at half price, AirPods Pro for five thousand. Beware of scammers!

We understand new fraud schemes around Apple products: what is sold as an iPhone 13 Pro at half price, can AirPods Pro cost 5 thousand rubles?

And more about satellite communications in the new iPhones:

Satellite capabilities in iPhone 14, emergency messaging system

We understand in detail how the emergency messaging service works in the iPhone 14 and how GlobalStar satellites are involved in this.


Affiliate material

Reality and prospects of the IT professions market

What professions are the most popular and highly paid?

Saturday coffee #218

Pour a cup of invigorating Saturday coffee andcheck out the news of the week. DJI and GoPro introduced new action cameras, the beeline turned thirty years old, VKontakte will help runners, and Disney released a teaser for The Little Mermaid…

Hyundai Tucson test. Popular crossover

The Hyundai Tucson compact crossover is no stranger toour market, but a model that clearly deserves attention. The Korean crossover is the most popular Hyundai model in Europe, and in the US, the car is generally among the top best-selling in its class.

Samsung Odyssey G9 experience

A futuristic 49" curved gaming monitor with a range of exciting features…

Table of Contents

  • New action cameras
  • Beeline thirty!
  • New OPPO in Russia
  • New from the world of audio
  • VKontakte for runners
  • ...and dessert

New action cameras

This week, DJI and GoPro presented their newestaction camera series. DJI showed the third generation of Osmo Action 3, which uses a sensor with an optical format of 1/1.7″. The camera can record 4K video at up to 120 frames and a 155-degree field of view. The proprietary HorizonSteady feature, coupled with RockSteady 3.0 stabilization technology, not only smooths out shaking effects, but also automatically levels the horizon in the frame. According to DJI, this is the first action camera with two touch screens.

Osmo Action 3 is capable of operating at temperatures-20 to +45°C. Claimed recording time from a 1770 mAh battery is up to 160 minutes. The camera charges in 50 minutes. The novelty is protected from water - it can withstand immersion to a depth of 16 meters. In addition, it is able to survive a fall onto a hard surface from a height of one and a half meters.

The DJI Osmo Action 3 is available for $329 in the minimum configuration.

GoPro has not been far behind with the launch of its latest action camera, the Hero 11 Black, as well as a scaled-down version without screens and with a smaller battery, the Hero 11 Black Mini.

A feature of Hero 11 Black is an enlarged1/1.9-inch 8:7 sensor that allows you to use new shooting modes. The novelty also records full 10-bit colors. The gadget can shoot video at resolutions up to 5.3K at 60 fps or 4K at 120 fps. The new FullFrame shooting mode allows you to shoot content in 8:7 aspect ratio, while the HyperView mode allows you to record in the traditional 16:9 aspect ratio. The camera is waterproof and allows you to dive to a depth of 10 meters.

The GoPro Hero 11 Black starts at $399 and the Hero 11 Mini starts at $299.

Both cameras seem to be interesting, but if I stood upbefore choosing an action camera, I would probably give my preference to GoPro. The products of the latter are available from us in a wider sale, and most importantly, it is easy to find almost any accessories for the camera, both original and from third-party manufacturers, and there are also no-name options from Chinese brothers. So the choice and availability of accessories is decisive here.

Speaking about secure products, it is worth remembering our recent review of such a smartphone:

Doogee S89 Pro review: Batman's smartphone!

A huge rugged smartphone with a 12,000 mAh battery, equipped with a night vision camera and a unique system for indicating missed events…

Beeline thirty!

On Thursday, the Beeline operator celebrated its 30th anniversary.anniversary, on which we congratulate the company and all its employees. My beeline became the first mobile operator with which I stepped into the era of mobile communications. In some distant shaggy years, while still a student, I purchased the treasured B + box with a Philips Aeon mobile phone operating in the DAMPS network at the company's office on Lesnoryadsky Lane (now it seems to be closed). They also gave me a card with permission to use the device, which even a couple of times I was checked by the valiant police officers. Then there was some kind of Motorola, also from the B + kit, but for the GSM network, and then it started spinning and spinning. Now I also have a Beeline SIM card, which I use and am generally very pleased with the network and the quality of communication.

Surely each of you also has a story,associated with the operator, call or SMS made in the mobile network. On the occasion of its anniversary, the beeline encourages its customers to share these stories - from September 15, the contest "Your story with the beeline" started on the operator's website.

A collection of stories about the role that beeline played inyour life or the lives of your friends and loved ones, will last until October 6th. A special questionnaire is available at the link - each client of the operator can fill it out on the website and send the text of his story with the beeline.

To the superfinal of the competition, which will be held in Moscow on 8December, five stories will fall. All five finalists will receive 30 years of beeline communication without a monthly fee, and the author of the most exciting story - chosen by the jury - will receive one million rubles.

New OPPO in Russia

OPPO has introduced a new model forRussian market - Reno7. The smartphone received a 6.4-inch AMOLED screen with a refresh rate of 90 Hz. The heart of the device is the Snapdragon 680 4G chip, which works in conjunction with 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of permanent memory. When working with heavy applications, RAM can be increased by 2, 3 or 5 GB due to permanent memory.

OPPO Reno7 is equipped with a 64-megapixel maincamera, a 2MP bokeh camera and a 2MP 15x or 30x micro lens, surrounded by Orbit Light. The device has a 4500 mAh battery and 33 W SUPERVOOC fast charging technology, which, according to the manufacturer, allows you to charge your smartphone to 100% in 61 minutes or provide 100 minutes of movie playback in 5 minutes of recharging. Smartphone OPPO Reno7 is available for sale in two colors: orange and black, and the cost of new items is 27,990 rubles.

Very nice novelty, especially in orangecolor, and according to the characteristics, everything seems to be fine. There is not the weakest processor, a decent amount of RAM and a display with a refresh rate of 90 Hz. It is necessary, of course, to see how smartphone cameras are filmed, but from the experience of acquaintance with past models of the Reno series, there should not be any obvious failure there.

We have a couple of reviews of new smartphones on our website this week:

Review of the smartphone Wiko T3: it turned out not bad!

An inexpensive smartphone with an excellent camera, good autonomy and plenty of memory…

Smartphone review realme C31 (RMX3501)

Solid design, compaction of the budget line, practically the basic model with all the consequences. But with NFC!

New from the world of audio

This week, Bose introduced headphones withnoise canceling QuietComfort SE. The novelty resembles last year's QuietComfort 45 model. It is noted that it is made of lighter materials and can work on a single charge for 24 hours. According to the manufacturer, 15 minutes of charging is enough to work for three hours. The model provides wireless operation at a distance of up to 10 meters from the source. The earbuds are charged using the USB-C port. The package includes an audio cable with a 2.5 mm and 3.5 mm jack. Communication with the source is carried out via the Bluetooth 5.1 protocol. The weight of the headphones is 240 grams. The headphones come with a soft carrying case. No price has been announced for the QuietComfort SE yet, but it's not expected to cost more than last year's QC 45, which is priced at $330.

Sonos announces Sonos wireless subwooferSub mini. The subwoofer is designed for use with various acoustics and can expand the manufacturer's line of home theater systems. The novelty makes high-quality sound more affordable, as it is offered to consumers at a price of 429 pounds. The manufacturer believes that Sonos Sub Mini will improve the experience of watching streaming video and video games.


Vladimir Nimin

Operator news: new Tele2 tariff

It seems that the new tariff from Tele2 looks like a great reason to throw a gamepad into your backpack so that you always have it at hand.

Overview of the flagship Samsung Galaxy S22+ (SM S906B/DS)

The most balanced flagship from Samsung in 2022, the best price / quality ratio, certain flaws in ergonomics, but excellent cameras and display.

What to watch in September: 2 films and 2 series

September is the start of a new season. Usually producers try to surprise and amuse the audience.

Huawei FreeBuds SE review: simple and tasteful!

Budget headphones with attractive appearance, long battery life and great sound

The system is configured in several ways.clicks in the proprietary application. The subwoofer's sound is customized with Trueplay, which helps to adapt the speaker's sound to wall and furniture reflections for the best listening experience in your particular room. Sub Mini has a round shape that fits easily into any interior. The novelty uses dual tuned woofers, placed in such a way as to suppress distortion. The model will go on sale in October this year.

If the new Bose on-ear headphones are not for me,then the compact and, moreover, Sonos wireless subwoofer interested me. I don’t think that there will be something really chic in terms of sound, but for its price and dimensions it should be interesting, like some other products of the company.

This week, we published an article about interesting glasses from TCL:

Review of a personal cinema in glasses TCL NXTWEAR Air

140 inches at the bridge of your nose, who needs glasses with a built-in screen and sound, home entertainment or something else?

And touching on the topic of accessories, we can recommend this material:

One story about Russian Post and a selection of Ugreen accessories: cables and power supplies

The story of a failed parcel forwarding by Russian Post and a selection of USB-C, Lightning cables and power adapters from a well-known Chinese brand…

VKontakte for runners

This week we were again pleased with VK, whichadded a new service "Running" to VKontakte. This is a mini-app within the Health platform that helps running fans to interact, unite in a community of interests, and take part in online competitions.

The rating system of the widget allows you tousers of VKontakte to compete with friends in real time, complete sports challenges and receive rewards from the service. In addition, all detailed running statistics are collected in “Running”: distances for different periods, average pace, heart rate and calories burned – thus, it is even more convenient for users to monitor their running activity.

The app also allows you to share routes,set individual goals and participate in mass “challenges”. With the help of social mechanics, the social network plans to build the country's largest community of runners from among the multi-million audience of VKontakte.

I think this is good news for fansrunning. All that remains is for the Running app to sync with the most popular platforms and devices used for this purpose, and then it has every chance of success.

We also published an article about domestic ecosystems:

Russian ecosystems from Sberbank, Yandex, MTS and VK. What's wrong with them and who wins

We understand the ecosystems of Russian companies, what has happened to them since the beginning of the year, and why this approach is becoming obsolete.

...and dessert

If you haven't seen it yet, here's a new teaser for Disney's The Little Mermaid, which hit 1 million dislikes a day after its release.

Saturday coffee #217. About Apple

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