Saturday coffee #209

The week was not the most interesting, but there was still something worthy of attention. So, Haval opens a new

dealer center in Moscow. A large automotive group Avilon has become a new partner of the brand, which will offer customers a full range of services for the sale and maintenance of Haval cars.

The Danish manufacturer of Lego constructors ceases commercial activities in Russia and breaks off relations with the Inventive Retail Group, which operates 81 brand stores.

Apple has released a public beta version of iOS 16. On the topic of Apple, we have this article:

Expensive iPhone for the poor

There are no perfect iPhones, but it seems that Apple wants to outdo itself by changing policies and trying to rub us another game.

And VK reported that more than 1,000 mobile applications are already hosted in the Russian RuStore store.

Table of Contents

  • New Nokia
  • Nothing Phone 1 introduced
  • About cars in Russia
  • Subscription from BMW
  • ...and dessert

New Nokia

HMD unveils Nokia 5710 Xpressaudio. The phone is a monoblock design with a 2.4-inch screen and a classic keyboard, and at the back there is a compartment closed with a sliding cover, in which wireless headphones are stored. A place to store the headphones is also a charging case for them. Complete headphones can work up to 4 hours on a single charge. The phone uses a removable 1450 mAh battery that provides up to six hours of talk time and up to 20 days of standby time. The model runs on Series 30 Plus operating system. Nokia 5710 Xpress Audio will appear on the European market at a price of 85 euros.

A very unusual phone, but the main thing here isthat this is a phone based on a simple Series 30 Plus with truncated features. Someone will take such a device for themselves except to play around, perhaps someone will buy it for a child, but obviously you should not count on mass sales here. HMD again plays on the feeling of nostalgia, but here they also mixed in an unusual and original solution with wireless headphones. True, now is the era of streaming platforms, and few people still have a library of music in mp3 format, so it will not be so easy for many to download music to the Nokia 5710 Xpress Audio.


Affiliate material

Reality and prospects of the IT professions market

What professions are the most popular and highly paid?

Saturday coffee #209

Pour a cup of fragrant Saturday coffee andcheck out the news of the week. HMD has released an unusual phone, Nothing Phone 1 is officially presented, electric vehicles will be produced in Russia, and BMW has launched a subscription for steering wheel heating ...

Electric car boom in America - Lucid and Indi One

Luxury electric car Lucid, competitor to Tesla and start-up with an affordable electric car for the mass market Indi One. New names from America.

Smartphone review realme 9 Pro (RMX3472)

Modern model of the middle segment: bright design, new processor, long-awaited, but not so clear-cut update...

If we are talking about gadgets, which include the latest Nokia device, then this week we published an article about a watch and a Huawei bracelet:

Month with Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro

A rugged watch with a fast operating system and tons of useful features…

Huawei Band 7 review: light, comfortable, practical

The most affordable fitness bracelet on HarmonyOS…

Nothing Phone 1 introduced

The presentation of the smartphone took place this weekNothing Phone 1. The smartphone will go on sale on July 21 and will be offered to the public at a price of $475. For this money, the buyer will receive a smartphone with 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of main memory, a version with 12 GB of RAM and 256 GB of main memory will also be available, but already at a price of $593. The smartphone will appear in 40 markets, including the UK, continental Europe, Japan, India. The company started leaking information about the presented smartphone quite early, so by the time it was released, almost everything was known about it. As the main feature of the smartphone, light strips on the back are distinguished, which can serve for various informational notifications - about the degree of charge or receiving messages, about camera operation or video recording. The photo module of the smartphone consists of two 50 MP image sensors with optical and electronic stabilization. The phone will be available in black and white colors and will feature a 6.55-inch OLED screen with a maximum brightness of 1200 nits and a refresh rate of 120Hz. The smartphone is based on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G processor.

Nothing marinated the public too longthrowing more and more new pieces of information on the smartphone, so that at the time of the presentation, few people could be surprised with something. As expected, the company did not present a flagship product, but decided to play in the niche of the middle peasants, inclining users more towards the emotional component of their device. Yes, Nothing Phone 1 has a nice design with elements borrowed from the iPhone, plus an unusual feature with LEDs on the back, which does not carry much load, but it sells the product profitably. Nevertheless, when photos and videos with this component of the gadget flash massively on the network, you involuntarily think about looking at the device yourself. And so, in general, nothing special was shown by Nothing, a solid smartphone for sane money, although the same Chinese can find devices no worse, and in some ways even better.

This week we released a separate material in the wake of the presentation of the smartphone:

#178: Nothing Phone 1 Presentation

Perhaps the most visually unusual smartphone on the market, overview of the presentation and prices.

And here is another article about cameras in modern smartphones:

How digital cameras lost the battle with smartphones. Farewell to the camera

Nikon is canceling DSLRs, but smartphones are killing any cameras - reducing their market share. Why did this happen and do I feel nostalgia for digital cameras.

Yes, I will also advise you our material about the guarantee for parallel imports:

Warranty service for parallel imports. Underwater rocks

Parallel import product warranty, where to look for support and what to think about when buying. Repair difficulties.

About cars in Russia

AvtoVAZ resumed production of a three-doorSUV LADA NIVA Legend in the new configuration of the 2022 model year. The anti-crisis version of Classic’22 was developed to ensure the maximum possible localization of the car, eliminating the impact of a shortage of imported components.

LADA NIVA Legend in Classic’22 packageincludes power steering, front power windows, ISOFIX child seat mounts, daytime running lights, trip computer, stamp-welded 16-inch wheels, steel crankcase, audio preparation (antenna and wiring harnesses for two front speakers). The car is equipped with a permanent all-wheel drive system with the ability to lock the center differential and switch on a reduction gear range.


Vladimir Nimin

Operator news: new Tele2 tariff

It seems that the new tariff from Tele2 looks like a great reason to throw a gamepad into your backpack so that you always have it at hand.

Review of the smartphone Samsung Galaxy A53 5G (SM A536E/DS)

The key model of the A-series, one of the best devices in terms of price / quality ratio in its price segment. Replacement for any iPhone of similar cost.

What to watch in July: the main blockbuster of the month

The most expensive film in Netflix history from the directors of The Avengers, starring Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans.

Xiaomi 12: the best compact flagship of 2022

Convenient, fast, excellent video recording, affordable…

Official prices for LADA NIVA Legend in the Classic’22 configuration have not yet been announced, but, apparently, it will be about 100,000 rubles cheaper than the usual configuration.

And the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation announced that from July 14resumes preferential car loans and leasing programs for domestically produced cars. The list of cars includes all UAZ, LADA, GAZ models and, for the first time, the Evolute electric car.

Reportedly, the production of domesticEvolute electric vehicles will be launched in September this year, with the first vehicles going on sale in the same month. Electric vehicles will be assembled at the Motorinvest plant in Lipetsk. The purchase of Evolute will be subject to a preferential car loan program with an increased discount of up to 35% of the cost of the car, but not more than 925 thousand rubles.

Almost nothing about electric cars todaynot known, and not a single car has left the assembly line yet. Presumably, under the Evolute brand in Lipetsk, a SKD assembly of electric cars of the Chinese concern Sokon Group will be established.

By the way, about the Chinese.After the publication of information that the assembly of JAC cars under the Moskvich brand in Moscow, only with a different nameplate, the manufacturer from China suddenly changed his mind, apparently afraid of secondary sanctions. Now, according to rumors, Iranian cars of the Kerman Motor concern will be installed on the conveyor of the former Renault plant.

Subscription from BMW

Subscription to heated seats and heated steering wheelwheels from BMW reached Russia. True, after hanging on the official website for a day, the information was later deleted. But we managed to take a screenshot of the offer, so we know the planned prices. So, in order to warm the seats with the onset of cold weather, the owner of a BMW is offered to pay 1,600 rubles a month, and in order to keep the steering wheel warm in winter, you will have to pay another 950 rubles. You can also subscribe for 1/3 years, but it is possible to make these options available forever.

Cunning scheme of double earnings from the manufacturer,since you initially buy a car with options already installed, which, although they will not appear in the price list for the buyer, will already be included in the cost of the car. And here, of course, there are questions to BMW about the options available by subscription. You can also understand when the manufacturer offers you to subscribe to informing about the traffic situation online or to whistles like broadcasting the sound of the engine into the cabin. But taking money for elementary seat and steering wheel heating is already some kind of redneck. It seems to me that BMW marketers have gone the wrong way, they need to reconsider the list of options that can be sold under the subscription scheme. It’s better to aim for some improvements that are pleasant for the owner so that the fan of the brand actively donates to them, for example, exclusive skins for the digital dashboard, a modified sound that imitates the exhaust for the same electric cars, and the like.

And here is our article on the subject:

Subscription goods, the service of the future for the profit of manufacturers

BMW's experience in selling seat and steering wheel heating by subscription, why it is harmful and what we need to do as buyers of such products.

...and dessert

Lego set will go on sale October 1based on The Office series, which will consist of 1,164 parts and will cost $120. Since Lego has completely left our market, we can only hope for parallel imports, especially since the Ministry of Industry and Trade has included Lego in the list of goods allowed for import in this way.

Saturday coffee #208

Pour a cup of fragrant Saturday coffee andcheck out the news of the week. Xiaomi introduced its flagship, Asus will release a compact smartphone, the Chinese Moskvich will be put on the conveyor, and Renault showed an unusual show car…

Saturday coffee #207

Pour a cup of fragrant Saturday coffee andcheck out the news of the week. Samsung releases 3nm chips, Xiaomi 12S specifications became known, Hyundai introduced loniq 6, and a new superhero appeared in Russia…

Saturday coffee #206

Pour a cup of invigorating Saturday coffee andcheck out the news of the week. Telegram Premium has become available to everyone, VK have taken up their services, a new car brand is coming to Russia, and in January we will see Cheburashka in the cinema…