Saturday coffee #205

The week turned out to be boring for news and without any loud announcements. So, LLC "Google", the Russian division

Google Corporation, filed a bankruptcy petition with the Moscow Arbitration Court.

It became known that the global premiere of Poco F4 and Poco X4 GT will take place on June 23.

Baikal Electronics canceled the production and sale of Baikal-S server processors, as the Taiwanese manufacturer TSMC refused to enter into new contracts.

The Ministry of Digital Development of Russia reported,that by the end of the summer, the system for monitoring phishing sites will go into commercial operation, and the feedback form with citizens will become available on the Gosuslugi portal.

And the head of the Russian Ministry of Finance, Anton Siluanov, proposed to transfer officials to Lada cars.

Table of Contents

  • About design
  • "Remelting" from Tele2
  • Development of contactless payments
  • Anti-crisis Granta
  • ...and dessert

About design

Something on the market for a long time did not appear brightthe design of smartphones that would be remembered and sunk into the soul. On the other hand, you can understand the developers, now all devices are the same in front, it is one solid screen, and it remains to be played only with the back panel and side faces. Although you won’t turn around much here either, a step to the left, a step to the right, and the ergonomics of the device can suffer greatly. But, despite all the difficulties, manufacturers find solutions, such as Xiaomi and realme, offer limited editions of devices with a beautiful pattern and thematically designed case. Well, where without it, with an extended delivery set. Here, in the week on the network, users began to upload photos of the Redmi Note 11T Pro Astro Boy. The beauty!

Images of realme GT Neo 3 Naruto Edition have already been published before, but I will repeat.

Realme also announced a presentationbudget smartphone realme c30. The design of the rear panel of the device also looks very unusual by modern standards, although we still have to look at this creation live.

But perhaps the most remarkable novelty inThe design plan will be Nothing Phone (1), from the company Nothing, created by former OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei. And although the presentation of the smartphone is scheduled only for July 12, the developers could not stand it and showed the device, at least its back panel and sides, in all its glory. Moreover, it turned out that the back of the device will have an LED-backlight.

Yes, here you can argue that the edges of the deviceit is very reminiscent of the iPhone, that the transparent panel was in smartphones before, and the LED backlight is pampering, but despite all this, Nothing Phone (1) somehow diversifies the rather boring market of modern phones.


Affiliate material

Reality and prospects of the IT professions market

What professions are the most popular and highly paid?

Saturday coffee #205

Pour a cup of fragrant Saturday coffee andcheck out the news of the week. Nothing revealed the design of its smartphone, MirPay will receive new options, Granta 2022 sales have started, and Netflix has announced the continuation of the popular series…

Mazda 3 sedan test. Premium in Japanese

With the release of the new generation Mazda 3 JapaneseThe manufacturer has targeted the premium segment. Unlike its compatriots Nissan and Toyota, Mazda did not create a separate brand for these purposes, but preferred to develop its current brand in this direction.

Review of external sound card Creative Sound Blaster GC7

USB DAC and game streaming amplifier with programmable buttons and Super X-Fi audio settings. A tool for the gamer who wants to get the most out of sound.

And last week we published a material about technologies that have not taken root in smartphones:

Technologies that have not taken root in smartphones

Old smartphones were not the same as they are now.And the new ones will never be like that, because no one will return to them technologies that have remained in the past due to uselessness or better alternatives that the development of technology has brought.

Plunging into history, I can’t get past the article about pagers:

The history of pagers - two-way communication, communicators and the decline of technology

The emergence of two-way pagers, an attempt to abandon the proper name, the decline of technology and who uses such devices today.

Returning to the topic of smartphones, we have a review of such a novelty from TCL:

Review of the smartphone TCL 30+ (T676K) - the beginning of the middle segment, price / quality ratio

A model of the middle segment with a good price / quality ratio and interesting features, a good camera for its price.

"Remelting" from Tele2

Tele2 operator summed up interim resultsthe Remelting eco-project, thanks to which you can hand over your old phone for recycling. Since its launch in November 2020, 17,000 devices have already been sent for recycling. The residents of the Volga region, the North-West and the Urals handed them over most actively.

Tele2 sends all assembled devices toEcopolis Corporation is the only complex of plants in Russia for the disposal of waste from electronic and electrical equipment. As a result of processing, up to 95% of the components of the incoming raw materials are returned to production in the form of secondary materials. According to Ecopolis experts, 20 car hoods could be made from iron as part of the phones assembled as part of the Remelting, and 64 bumpers could be made from plastic.

The correct and necessary project of the operator, however, II only found out about it from the news. But better late than never. It will be necessary to hand over a couple of very ancient and faulty devices for recycling so that the houses do not roll around, but bring at least some benefit after processing.

Development of contactless payments

This week it became known that the RussianFrom October 25, 2022, banks issuing and accepting Mir payment cards will be able to carry out purchase and return operations through QR codes generated on a client’s smartphone. Well, that is, the situation is exactly the reverse of the SBP system with payment by QR code, in the store you will not scan the code on the screen, but the seller will scan the code on your smartphone.

Sberbank also promised that in the fourth quarterThis year, smartphones (on the Android OS) will return the possibility of contactless payment with SberPay. At the same time, as we remember, Tinkoff Bank promised to implement a similar service.

As a result, now Russia is developing andseveral contactless payment options coexist at once, which, despite the variety, are not as convenient as Google Pay and Apple Pay. We get such a zoo of different services:

  1. SBP - payment by the seller's QR code from the banking application;
  2. MirPay is a classic smartphone payment, but only on Android OS (by the way, the application still does not want to work on Google Pixel with Android 13 beta), and there will be payment by the client’s QR code;
  3. SberPay - payment by smartphone on Android only for bank customers and is still in operation;
  4. Tinkoff Pay is also payment from a smartphone on Android, also only for bank customers and has not yet been launched.

Standing apart so far is Samsung Pay, which seems to bestill works, but only from a smartphone, however, it is limited to the manufacturer's devices. By the way, this week Samsung has combined Pass, Pay and Blockchain Wallet services into a single Samsung Wallet solution. Store bank cards, digital keys, boarding passes, loyalty cards and more, Galaxy smartphone owners can now store in one secure place. The wallet is protected by the Samsung Knox security platform, and only the owner has access to it.

So far, Samsung Wallet has only been launched in a fewregions, but they promise that soon it will appear for everyone. The decision to combine all services into one platform is quite logical and more convenient for users, besides, it is implemented by competitors in a similar way.

As for payment, we have published an article about service fees:

Service fee - a penny from each, millions in your pocket

Why food delivery services charge a service fee, where did this money come from and why you don’t need to pay it. Court decisions and reactions to company extortions.

Also, I think you will be interested in the material about the rental of electronics, the topic has begun to gain momentum recently:

Smartphone or laptop for rent: what's the catch?

There are more and more offers on the market that allow you to rent a smartphone or TV.

Anti-crisis Granta

On Thursday, AvtoVAZ announced the start of sales of LADAGranta Classic 2022 (without airbags, ABS and reduced emission class) and also named its price. The price of the “anti-crisis” Granta starts at 678,300 rubles.

The package LADA Granta Classic 2022 includeselectric power steering, power windows of the front doors, heating and power mirrors, Isofix child seat mounts, daytime running lights, on-board computer, central locking, audio preparation with 4 speakers, 14-inch steel wheel rims with decorative caps. At the same time, the manufacturer notes that the model is distinguished by a list of elements that were previously characteristic only for higher trim levels - these are body-colored door moldings, handles and mirror housings.

In addition to the sedan, in the Classic 2022 packagea liftback and station wagon of the LADA Granta family are offered. As an option, Granta buyers can order 15-inch alloy wheels. All models are equipped with a 1.6-liter engine with 90 hp adapted to run on AI-92 gasoline. (Euro-2) and a mechanical 5-speed gearbox.

Everything might not have been so bad ifthe car was not deprived of airbags and ABS, without the latter, many will no longer be able to drive normally. And, of course, if we recalculate the ruble price at our current virtual exchange rate, it turns out that such a LADA Granta now costs 12,000 US dollars.


As an advertisement

Acer ES series 1 electric scooter review (AES001)

Acer has made its debut on the Russian market of electric scooters, and we are in a hurry to share our impressions of riding on the base model. Can the simplest solution be the best choice?


Overview of the large tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 2022 (SM X200)

Budget tablet with a diagonal of 10.5 inches, a secure KNOX folder, OneUI interface.

What to watch in May: 2 films and 3 series

Calm but good May. The most interesting releases, of course, will come out by the end of the month. I guess you can watch the new season...

Overview of wireless flagship headphones LG Tone FP9

Stylish flagship noise-canceling headphones that connect wirelessly to any device…

Moreover, competition even such LADA Granta Classic2022 no one can make. New Kia Rio in empty trim levels can still be found with promotions and discounts for 950,000 rubles. But most cars, like the competing Hyundai Solaris, are already worth well for 1 million rubles. Plus, the choice of Korean cars is very limited, as the manufacturers have taken a pause, which has already dragged on for a long time. The vacated niche of budget cars could be occupied by one of the Chinese represented in Russia, but they apparently have no particular interest. Brands from the Middle Kingdom now feel good in the crossover niche, the only ones supplying cars and even bringing new models to the market.

By the way, here are our tests of the latest Chinese innovations:

Haval F7 2022 test. Interesting restyling

The year before last, we already talked about the Haval F7 crossover, and almost exactly two years later, an updated model came to our test. The manufacturer does not offer us ...

Geely Atlas Pro test. Good, but not in everything.

The Geely Atlas Pro crossover is in the top 10 most popular Chinese cars in Russia. The model is not the leader of the rating, it takes only eighth place in it, but this is ...

Exeed LX test. city ​​dweller

The Exeed LX compact crossover is one of the few spring novelties of this year that has officially entered our market.

...and dessert

It's been a good week for sequel announcements.popular series. So, Netflix has officially announced the second season of the series "The Squid Game". And HBO, as it turned out, is working on a sequel to the Game of Thrones series, the main character of which will be Jon Snow.

Of the series that are already available on our services, I would like to highlight the premiere of Kinopoisk HD, the detective drama Patient Zero.

Now summer has begun, it's time for vacations, so I think many will find our latest article about mobile communications in Crimea useful:

"Big Four" in Crimea, or mobile communications for tourists

Crimean resorts turned out to be one of the relativelyavailable alternatives to traveling abroad, but of the "big four" operators, only MTS is present there. We will talk about what alternatives are and what will be more convenient for a tourist in Crimea in this material.

And as a recommendation for reading, we published this article this week:

Books. Oculus - how to create the world's best VR company and lose everything?

The story of Oculus, told through the prism of the founder of the company, a 17-year-old boy who almost became a billionaire, he is still rich today.

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