San Francisco may prohibit authorities from tracking people (2 photos)

It is likely that San Francisco will be the firstUS city in which the authorities will be prohibited from using facial recognition technology. Regional legislators are already working on such a bill.

The Stop Secret Surveillance Ordinance Project (or"Order to ban secret surveillance") proposed a member of the City Council, Aaron Peskin. According to the document, the relevant departments will be forced to ask permission of the city supervisory board not only to use, but also to acquire technologies that allow people to be monitored.

A similar procedure has already been established in severalAmerican cities. In addition, the correctness of the application of tracking technologies is regularly checked. However, in this case, the prescription completely prohibits the use or purchase of technologies that recognize faces.

And this despite the fact that in many states nowthey test and implement face recognition technologies in cities. This is done in order to track crime. In Russia, for example, the systems were introduced in the Moscow metro and railway stations for the World Cup that took place last year.