San Francisco banned recognition of citizens' faces (3 photos)

San Francisco officials for the first time in Americabanned the use of facial recognition systems. This decision was made by the city council due to public pressure, worried about the abuse of the technology by the authorities.

The ban will apply only to various government institutions, including the police. Private companies and users will be able to use the technology without restrictions.

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According to the law enforcement officers, the ban will complicateim investigating crimes. It is worth noting that the official facial recognition system used in San Francisco only at the port and airport. The police have been testing it for several years, but allegedly never used it at work. However, police departments of other American cities resorted to this technology. Among them: New York, Las Vegas, Boston, Detroit, Orlando, San Jose, San Diego, Durham, North Carolina.

San Francisco ready and othersUS cities (Auckland and Somerville from Massachusetts) whose activists have no doubt that technology provides unprecedented opportunities for spying on people. And this is not very compatible with the "principles of healthy democracy." In addition, numerous experiments have repeatedly proved that all face recognition systems make mistakes in their work. And if a particular person is accused of being false, it will forever leave an indelible imprint on his fate and the attitude of society towards him.