Samsung's graphene battery will appear in 2 years

One of the priority tasks in the developmentmodern smartphones is to ensure their long battery life with the help of energy-intensive battery. Samsung is a leader in the development of a technological solution that allows the use of innovative graphene material manufactured on the basis of nanotechnology in the manufacture of batteries.

Two years ago, the Institute's advancedSamsung’s technology has announced the development of a graphene battery superior to lithium-ion batteries, five times faster in charging and 45% in energy density. However, the batteries were not launched into mass production.

Recently, famous insider Evan Blass (EvanBlass) reported that the South Korean corporation is close to developing batteries suitable for industrial production. The first smartphones, in his opinion, with Samsung's graphene batteries, charging in just 30 minutes, will hit the market in the next two years.

Graphene material has uniquethermal and electrical conductive properties that can increase the efficiency of compact batteries for smartphones. The main problem for manufacturers is the production of a large single-layer sheet of monocrystalline graphene, suitable for the production of batteries on an industrial scale.

The unique heat-conducting properties of graphene are alreadyused by Huawei in the cooling systems of Honor Magic 2 and Huawei Mate 20. Naturally, the first smartphones with graphene batteries will cost significantly more than devices with traditional batteries.

Source: sammobile