Samsung's 600MP camera surpasses human vision

Optical sensor developers constantlythey increase the resolution of the sensors, however, engineers still have a long way to go before the resolution of the human-perceptible eye. Nevertheless, Samsung developers have already set themselves the goal of creating a camera with a higher resolution than 500 megapixels available to humans.

Head of Samsung ElectronicsSystem LSI Business has announced plans to create 600 megapixel sensors, which significantly exceed the record-breaking capabilities of modern sensors used in smartphones and today make up 108 megapixels. According to the expert, the main difficulty in creating a high-quality image is the development of an optimal balance between the pixel size and resolution. The use of proprietary technology for combining neighboring pixels helps to solve this problem. In this case, the ability of the sensor to absorb light increases and the amount of optical noise in low light is reduced.

However, the first sensors with 600 megapixel resolution will benot installed on smartphones, but will be used in industry and the Internet of things. Sensors can be installed on drones and unmanned vehicles. Another direction for the development of sensors is to study the possibilities of perceiving the infrared and ultraviolet light spectra. Sensors working with ultraviolet can be used in medicine for the diagnosis of skin cancer, and the infrared range allows you to control the production process on the factory conveyor lines.

Meanwhile, “smartphone building” is also not worthside of the competition for camera resolution and in the near future Samsung flagships can get 150 megapixel Nonacell camera sensors. The development completion time, market entry and the price of 600 megapixel sensors have not yet been announced.