Samsung will radically change the location of the selfie camera in the Galaxy Note (5 photos)

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 flagship looks little more thandiffers from its predecessor Galaxy Note 8, but one of the main advantages of the novelty was the updated stylus S Pen. The manufacturer has integrated a Bluetooth module into it, thereby turning the gadget into a smartphone control panel. But, as it became known, the following model of the Note ruler may get much more attractive changes. For example, in the flagship there will be no “hole” under the selfie-camera, and the display will occupy the entire space of the front panel. Corporate stylus is also waiting for promising innovations.

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According to the documentation found on the siteUSPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office), the S Pen will be equipped with an integrated camera. The patent contains several versions of its design. In one peephole, the cameras were not placed very comfortably, in the upper end, in case of a smartphone falling, the glass is likely to break or be scratched. The option with a hole on the side and a prism that directs the light seems more successful and reliable.

The shape of the new S Pen allows installation alongenclosures and more sophisticated optics. This is also reported in the patent from Samsung. Most likely, the zoom control will be carried out using the button, as well as the start of the shutter.

Thus, the new stylus will be quite capablecompletely replace the front camera of the smartphone. You can use the S Pen without taking the Galaxy Note out of your pocket, which is convenient in most cases. Although it takes a lot of energy to take photos and videos through the stylus with the broadcast on the smartphone. A powerful battery in the S Pen just does not fit. Unless, of course, Samsung does not intend to apply its patents on flexible batteries.

Note also that the presence of a patent does not yet indicate plans to release the device described in it. Very often, inventions with patents remain only on paper.