Samsung will combine the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note lines

Samsung is currently releasingnumerous series of smartphones designed for various technological and price niches. However, some of the model lines have almost identical characteristics and such smartphones are designed for the same target audience. The most obvious of these models are the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note devices, which Samsung may refuse to classify into classes by 2020.

During the presentation of the Samsung Galaxy S10,the developers noted that they doubt the Galaxy S11 brand, because of its long name. The ubiquitous insider and expert Evan Blass has already announced the merger of the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series.

In both lines there are very few differences,rather, it is one - the presence in the Note10 devices of the electronic pen S Pen. In this regard, Samsung, according to insider information, decided to merge the model lines into the Galaxy One series, which will produce three models: a special smartphone with a stylus and two devices with different diagonals.

Instead of the Galaxy Note series, it is planned to continue rolling out the Galaxy Fold line of smartphones with a flexible screen.

Source: phonearena