Samsung virtual helmet in the fly eye form factor (4 photos)

Samsung Electronics has filed a patent in China fora new VR / AR headset that the company has been developing for over three years. Odyssey Mixed Reality 2020's patented and advanced headset features four built-in cameras and a new front panel design in the shape of a fly's spherical eyes.

To position the user are useddata from four cameras of the helmet, which, among other things, is equipped with headphones and control buttons. Compared to previous Samsung models, the proprietary version of the device has significantly improved the reliability of attaching the headset to the helmet body.

Samsung patented headset equipped withfour built-in cameras, which will contribute to more accurate positioning, using both internal and external tracking (from outside-in and inside-out). External tracking uses fixed cameras located remotely from the user, while data received from the helmet’s built-in cameras is used for inside-out.

Source: letsgodigital