Samsung Unveils Samsung ISOCELL HPX Sensor with 0.56µm Pixel

Samsung Expands 200MP Image Sensor Offering and Introduces Samsung Sensor

ISOCELL HPX.The novelty uses the smallest pixel, its size is 0.56 microns. Thanks to Deep Trench Isolation technology, which separates each pixel individually while increasing sensitivity, it is possible to obtain clear and bright images. By reducing the pixel, the image sensor is 20% smaller, allowing it to be used in thin flagship smartphones and enabling developers to make future models even thinner and smaller. The sensor can work in three modes: in good light with a resolution of 200 MP, in low light with a resolution of 50 MP, and in low light with a resolution of 12.5 MP. The pixels will be combined into a 2.24 micron block, which will make it possible to get a clear frame even in the case of limited light sources. The new sensor can shoot 8K video at 30 frames per second and supports extended dynamic range.