Samsung turned a smartphone into a cash register (2 photos)

High tech penetrates almost everythingspheres of life. They came to retail, allowing entrepreneurs to use compact smartphones as full-fledged POS-terminals through which you can pay, issue cash documents and even report to fiscal authorities.

In Russia, the development of such a system was carried outSamsung and the domestic company INPAS, specializing in the implementation of payment solutions. The presentation of SoftPOS technology was held in Sochi at FINOPOLIS 2019 events. The Russian Standard Bank acted as a partner providing payments through the mobile system.

New for Russia SoftPOS technology will providethe possibility of contactless payments using Samsung mobile systems (smartphone or tablet). INPAS developers have integrated functions in SoftPOS that increase the capabilities of the smartphone and turn it into a kind of mobile cash register equipped with all the modern computing power.

Smartphone using SoftPOS will be able to fixpurchase and sale, record cash and cashless payments, transfer data on completed transactions to the fiscal authorities, track the nomenclature, re-evaluate goods and “issue” checks to customers electronically.

Buyer and seller must passpre-registration in the SoftPOS application. After that, they can take any action related to the sale of retail goods. The buyer needs to attach a contactless credit card to the smartphone and the purchase will be made. A prerequisite for SoftPOS to work is the presence of an NFC module in mobile devices. The buyer must have a contactless card or device that supports Samsung Pay, Apple Pay or Google Pay. The check can be sent to the buyer by e-mail, SMS or through a QR code.

In addition, transaction data will be immediatelytransferred to the Federal Tax Service through the cloud service in accordance with the requirements of 54-FZ. The SoftPOS system has already passed the necessary certifications, including compliance with safety requirements. SoftPOS currently runs on Samsung Galaxy smartphones, Galaxy Tab tablets, and the protected Xcover4.

Source: samsung