Samsung spoke about the features of the Galaxy M line

The line of Samsung Galaxy M smartphones will be officially launched on January 28 in India. It is assumed that three models will be revealed to the light at once - the Galaxy M10, M20 and M30.

On the official website of Samsung India, there was a set of posters advertising the many remarkable qualities of the new state employees. Or just one of them, perhaps the most advanced.

Devices received screen Infinity-V - with a drop-shaped V-neck.

At least one of them has a dual main camera. One of the modules is ultra wide.

There is a very straightforward hint at serious battery capacity. According to rumors - as much as 5000 mAh.

A large battery will not interfere with fast charging - and it is available. Via the symmetric Type-C port.

Even the chipset promise powerful.

Well, let's see what the company can please and whether it has not forgotten the meaning of the word “inexpensive”.


Tatyana Kobelskaya