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Samsung showed artificial people Neon, AR-glasses and the Ballie robot

CES Consumer Exhibition kicks off today2020. At it, companies from all over the world present the most interesting products, but we will focus on the latest from Samsung. We will talk about the artificial man Neon, glasses of augmented reality and smart robot Ballie. It is worth noting that Neon is a startup that is not directly related to Samsung, however, Koreans are engaged in financing.

Neons take over the world?

Neon - avatars in every home

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Even before the announcement of Neon, videos appeared on the web,demonstrating the capabilities of the project. Many suggested that Neon would be a replacement for Bixby, but in reality it is only about artificial people who are able to maintain dialogue without access to the Internet. It is, rather, a demonstration of the visualization technology of artificial people, rather than an attempt to create a full-fledged assistant.

The project is being developed by Samsung Technology andAdvanced Research Lab (STAR ​​Labs) led by Pranava Minstri. Project goal: the creation of artificial entities that are able to copy human behavior and have their image. Neons are analogues of Tamagotchi, you can communicate with them, observe their behavior, but they will not provide any useful information.

Neons can be a great base to replaceteachers, television presenters, financial consultants. At the same time, each neon has its own unique habits and behavior. Neons are rather a new kind of being, which is a digital copy of a person.

However, it is not yet clear what exactly weoffers Pranav. It was not told about the work of the technologies that underlie neons. We only know that they work on the basis of two solutions: CORE R3 and SPECTRA. The first is responsible for the responsiveness and drawing of neons in real time (they are able to respond to user actions in a split second), the tasks of SPECTRA include learning, emotions and neon memory.

Not happy with the demonstration videosthe capabilities of neons that were previously published on the Reddit social network is just an attempt to show what neons can be. In practice, there has not yet been a real demonstration. Neon is a bloated project that made a lot of noise before going out. This is a problem for all startups - they try to attract the attention of the whole world, but then quickly get blown away due to unjustified and loud statements. We are afraid that the same fate may affect Neon.

Ballie Robot

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This, in our opinion, is the most interesting product.Exhibitions. The Ballie robot is a small ball with an integrated camera that can move around the house and interact with smart appliances depending on the situation. The video above perfectly demonstrates the capabilities of the robot. He will be able to activate the vacuum cleaner if the dog in the house knocks the food to the floor. Is it time for sleep? The robot will close the smart curtains and turn off the smart lamps. Ballie can be a real helper. His responsibilities may include protecting the house from intruders and offers during fitness classes. The cost and release date of Ballie has not yet been disclosed.

AR glasses

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At the exhibition, Samsung introduced anotherAn interesting gadget is AR glasses. Together with them, the company showed the GEMS exoskeleton, which was introduced last year. In combination with GEMS glasses, the owner will be able to do fitness with a personal trainer. As in the case of Ballie, the company has not yet disclosed the cost and start of sales of AR-points.

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In the past, Google introduced Glass AR-glasses, but the project was closed in 2017. Microsoft also had experience with AR thanks to the release of HoloLens, but they cannot be called massive, they are aimed at the b2b model.

And which Samsung products appeared at the exhibition?are you most interested in? The Ballie robot seems the most unusual and interesting. At least, nothing like this had been shown to us before. In general, of course, all three products are useful and important for the entire market. Samsung in 2018 announced an investment in the development of artificial intelligence in the amount of 22 billion dollars. These are serious figures, and this shows the difference between large companies and little-known Chinese brands. It is Samsung that is ready to develop the market and move technology forward. For this, of course, thanks to them.

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