Samsung scared users of branded smartphones with a strange message

Users used to trust manufacturerssmartphones and rarely doubt company-transmitted messages. However, the other day from Samsung a strange and incomprehensible message was sent to owners of smartphones, which alarmed users with thoughts about a possible hacking device.

Through the Find My Mobile app, allowingdetect and block a lost smartphone, on behalf of Samsung, smartphone owners received a short message with a single sign - “1” and under the same heading. When trying to read the notification, the user was displayed on the home screen, and the notification itself disappeared.

Given that the Find My Mobile app stores Samsung Pay data and backs it up, Samsung owners were extremely concerned about maintaining their confidential data.

However, all the most fantastic theft rumorssmartphones and hacking hacks were debunked by Samsung's statement about the erroneous message that occurred during testing of internal systems. The company apologized and stated that the letter will not affect the performance of smartphones.

Source: phonearena