Samsung products will become more environmentally friendly (4 photos)

Biodegradability is strategy these days, as consumers are becoming more attentive to the environment, and now Samsung Electronics is coming to grips with announcing plans to do away with plastic packaging in favor of more environmentally friendly materials.

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Samsung has assembled an internal task force ondesign, procurement of materials, marketing and much more, and they all focused on extracting environmentally harmful materials from Samsung products. The changes will take effect during the first half of this year and will affect all Samsung product lines.

Soon expect to see smartphones and tablets inbiodegradable boxes of molded paper pulp, protective plastic films on the chargers and completely disappear. The power adapters themselves will no longer be with a glossy surface. Plastic bags in packaging materials will be replaced by biodegradable or environmentally friendly alternatives, such as recycled materials, sugar cane, starch, and bioplastic bags.

Samsung is going to make a change almostin all aspects of its packaging. For example, paper products will be used only when necessary and only from materials approved by the Forest Stewardship Council. This specific goal should be achieved by the end of this year.

Efforts will also be applied to household appliances.Samsung, which usually have a large amount of plastic, protecting them during transport. The company will cut hundreds of tons of plastic products and waste, including through this initiative. To put it all in order, Samsung wants to use 500,000 tons of recycled material, and also to collect and, possibly, reuse 7.5 million tons of waste by 2030. These goals are based on the numbers the company has been working on since 2009.