Samsung presented a kitchen robot Bot Chef and not only (8 photos + video)

This week, the South Korean company Samsungmanaged to hold in the US not only a grand presentation of new mobile devices, including the flagship smartphone text line Galaxy S10 and a special Galaxy S10 version with 5G networks, Galaxy Buds wireless headphones, Galaxy Active smart watches and Galaxy Fit fitness bracelets, but also a kitchen robot Bot chef at the The Kitchen & Bath Industry Show in Las Vegas. Novelty is quite suitable as an assistant and helps a lot in cooking.

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According to the manufacturer, on the arm of a robotusers will be able to fix different kitchen appliances. The gadget is able to fill dishes with sauces, cut food, and download recipes from the network. Samsung is confident that their offspring is almost the perfect solution for people with disabilities who need help in the kitchen.

Robotic arm has sensorsillumination and lidar, it is perfectly oriented in space. Over time, the novelty can become a harmonious part of the "smart" home. However, the manufacturer did not stop with the demonstration of this robot cook at The Kitchen & Bath Industry Show.

Appeared at the exhibition and Chef garden. In this refrigerator, consumers will be able togrow small vegetables and basil. Using the software built into the device, you can control the temperature, lighting and humidity, providing ideal conditions for growing plants.

Was also shown Robot clean - cleaning robot, complete with sensorspatial recognition. It tells the user which mode of operation is valid, and also how the task is performed using the emoticons on the built-in display.

But that's not all. They also showed Bot air from Samsung. This mobile robot cleans the air. And the robotic exoskeleton presented there Gems It is designed to help older people with gait and balance disorders. The name GEMS comes from the abbreviation "gait enhancing and motivating system" (system for improving gait and increasing motivation).

All devices represent parts of a common “smart” home system called the Samsung Bot.