Samsung presentation results: “flexible” smartphone, Galaxy S10 flagships and smart watches

February 20, the long-awaited presentationSamsung, in which she showed new smartphones, headphones, watches and fitness bracelets. It can be called the brightest of the entire history of the company - the organizers did not organize shows with singers and dancers, but immediately began to talk about the news. The main characters of the 1.5 hour presentation, of course, was the Galaxy Fold smartphone with a folding display and the flagship Galaxy S10. Representatives of the company also addressed the topic of multitasking in smartphones and accelerated 5G Internet.

The public did not have to warm up for a long time, becauseThe company began with the most anticipated announcement - the “flexible” Galaxy Fold smartphone. His prototype was first shown to the public in November 2018, and initially it seemed awful. To the surprise of the public, the final version turned out to be very interesting and even a beautiful device, on which it is obviously pleasant to work with several applications at the same time. The company collaborated with Google, so the Android system supports App Continuity mode with the ability to work with three applications at once on one large display.

Characteristics of the "flexible" smartphone Samsung Galaxy Fold

The smartphone consists of two AMOLED-displays: The outer one has a diagonal of 4.6 inches, and the inner one - an impressive 7.3 inches. An internal screen with a resolution of 1536 × 2152 pixels can stack up more than 200 thousand times without any problems - this, according to the company's calculations, is more than enough for 5 years of trouble-free service. The external display has a resolution of 840 × 1960 pixels, which is also a very good indicator.

Obviously, the external display will be the mostused when making calls, and the opened large screen is useful in working with several applications. Fortunately, the smartphone can easily cope with any tasks: it is equipped with a 7-nanometer processor, 12 GB RAM and 512 GB internal storage. It is noteworthy that the novelty uses the UFS 3.0 memory type, which allows you to install and run applications almost instantly.

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Folded smartphone seems rather narrowand thick - the thickness is 17 mm. But in expanded form, it practically becomes a tablet only 6.9 mm thick. The battery capacity is 4380 mAh - to increase capacity, it was divided into two clusters. The model supports Wireless Powershare technology and can share its energy with other smartphones or smart watches.

On the front of the case is located10 megapixel selfie camera. The main external camera is equipped with three modules of 16, 12 and 12 megapixels. On the inside, too, was not without cameras - there are two modules for 10 and 8 megapixels. That is, a total of Samsung Galaxy Fold has six cameras.

Of course, for a smartphone with such characteristicshave to pay dearly - the price is equal to 1980 dollars. You should also understand that the number of smartphones available for purchase will be quite limited due to the complexity of production and not the mass character of the product.

New flagships - Samsung Galaxy S10

In 2019, the company introduced three models at once.its flagship: the usual Galaxy S10, advanced S10 + and budget S10e. Representatives also spoke about the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G model with accelerated Internet, and it also deserves special attention. All models have deep integration with the Instagram service and allow you to apply effects directly in the camera interface. Also, new items have the most accurate color on the market.

Flagships feature cut-out displays.Infinity-O and HDR10 + support. They filter 42% of blue color, so they practically do not harm the eyes. Below them is the 3D Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanner, which is much safer than its analogs thanks to the creation of a 3D finger map. As for the diagonals, in the case of the Galaxy S10e it is 5.8 inches, the Galaxy S10 is 6.1 inches, and the Galaxy S10 + is 6.4 inches.

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Galaxy has the most modest cameraS10e: it has two modules with a resolution of 12 and 16 megapixels, and the main camera shoots at a resolution of 10 megapixels. The base Galaxy S10 is better off - a 12-megapixel telephoto lens has been added to the two similar modules, providing a two-fold increase in the frame. The Galaxy S10 + model is equipped with the same cameras, but its front module is clearly better - an 8 megapixel lens has been added to the main module to blur the background in portraits.

In terms of performance, the devices are also good -they are based on the latest Snapdragon 855 chipset. The Galaxy S10e's memory ratio is 6/128 or 8/256 GB, and the alaxy S10 is equipped with 8 GB of RAM and 128 or 256 GB memory. The Galaxy S10 + is the most advanced model - the memory ratio is 8/128 or 12/256 GB. It is noteworthy that these models were the first in the world to support Wi-Fi 6. The model with the Ceramic prefix has 1 TB of internal memory.

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Modification of the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G is equipped6.7-inch display, four cameras, a 4500 mAh battery and 8/256 GB memory. Of course, its main feature is support for 5G-Internet.

Samsung Galaxy S10 prices:

  • Galaxy S10e - 56990 rubles;
  • Galaxy S10 - 68990 rubles;
  • Galaxy S10 + - 76990 rubles;
  • Galaxy S10 + Ceramic - 124990 rubles.

Galaxy Buds Headphones - AirPods Competitors

Can the novelty compete with headphones?Apple - time will tell. It is known that they can play music for 6 hours - every 15 minutes in the case they increase the time by 2 hours. Moreover, the headphone battery can be charged by leaning them against the smartphone. The body is made of quality materials, so they should be very pleasant to the touch.

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Owners should not have any soundclaims. The company cooperates with the company AKG, so we can say in advance that the sound will be as clear as possible. Two microphones with a special location are built into the headphones, so the voice of the owner promises to be captured as well as possible.

Watch Watch Active - competitors Apple Watch?

In addition to all of the above, the company introducednew watches worth from 16990 rubles. Their thickness does not exceed 10.5 mm, and the main feature is the function of measuring blood pressure. Of course, it was not done without a fitness trainer mode - the owners will have 39 different exercises.

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Information is displayed on a 1.1-inch display with360 × 360 pixel resolution. For the performance are responsible Exynos 9110 chipset with 768 MB of RAM and 4 GB of flash memory. The system is Tizen OS 4.0, and the 230 mAh battery can be charged by leaning the watch on the smartphone.

Galaxy Fit and Fit e - inexpensive fitness bracelets

Bracelets will especially appeal to sports they support about 90 sports and training regimes. Both models are able to monitor the state of sleep and change the level of stress. Of course, on tiny displays with a diagonal of 0.95 and 0.74 inches you cannot display a lot of information, but bracelets can still show the calendar and the weather.

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New items look like great analogs of Xiaomi bracelets. The Galaxy Fit e model costs 2990 rubles, and the Galaxy Fit costs 6990 rubles.

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