Samsung "lit" folding smartphone in a commercial (3 photos + video)

The most interesting commercials spread onnets, like wildfire, for several hours after it leaked from the Vietnamese branch of Samsung. On the video, the manufacturer demonstrates many new concepts of futuristic equipment. For example, a tablet with absolutely zero frame and a smart mirror that supports gesture control. There is also a gadget attachment that is connected to a smartphone, which acts as an ultrasound device, and a robot arm capable of applying tattoos on the client’s skin, created by the master through the application. The mobile AR-game also looks attractive, allowing you to engage many people in the process.

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Everything shown is quite interesting, but whatparticularly noteworthy - this is a foldable smartphone, flashed twice into the video. Admittedly, this looks like an unintended leak of what Samsung will demonstrate at the Galaxy Unpacked 2019 event later this month. The device shown in this leaked advertisement has almost no frame on the front screen and the internal display, in contrast to the preview display. Perhaps, the previous time, the smartphone with a flexible display was indeed shown in a protective case. But there is a possibility that Samsung has reworked the body of the gadget, having managed to reduce its size.