Samsung launches its own cashback bank card

High-tech companies continue to activelyenter the market of online banking services, in every possible way attracting customers to their own payment platforms. Samsung, in partnership with the MasterCard payment platform and SoFi startup, announced the release of a Samsung Money debit card that allows you to quickly manage finances through Samsung Pay.

Users who received a new Samsung cardMoney, will be able to carry out transactions in the Samsung Pay system without commission, as well as receive other benefits. When opening an account, a choice between individual or joint accounts is available. Currently, the service is available only to residents of the United States.

Samsung Money project will allow ownersmobile devices use the Samsung Pay platform effectively. After registering in the user's mobile application, a debit card immediately appears, which can be activated in one click. Later, a physical version of the debit card will be sent to the post office.

For each purchase made using a card onSamsung Pay platform, Samsung Rewards members will receive cashback points. After accumulating more than 1000 points, the cashback is transferred to the Samsung Money user account.

Source: Samsung