Samsung is revolutionizing the display industry

In the near future, revolutionary transformations are planned in the display industry, which Samsung is initiating through its subsidiary Samsung Display.

At the next meeting of investors, managementThe company announced an investment of $ 11 billion in the development of a new production of quantum dot displays in the city of Asan. The process of creating a new generation of displays was also supported by the South Korean government, which invested about $ 330 million in development.

The main task of creating the production of monitorsa new class will be an attempt to confront Chinese manufacturers. In the process of creating the production of new-generation monitors, Samsung engineers will be able to put into practice numerous patent developments, including such exotic solutions as roll-up displays and stretch screens.

The new production will start operating in 2021. At the same time, the company's plans at the first stage include the release of 30 thousand panels with a diagonal of over 65 inches.

Source: gizchina