Samsung is preparing a smartphone with an expandable display (6 photos)

In South Korea, Samsung has patentedoriginal smartphone model. The key "chip" ideas turned out to be an expandable display. As needed, the gadget will be compact or the size of a small tablet. To do this, the design used an unusual technology slider.

The experts studied the schematic images accompanying the Samsung patent. On their basis, the designers of the Internet resource LetsGoDigital have created renderings that demonstrate the likely design of a possible novelty.

The device at a glance resembles the expectednow Galaxy Note10: the display has almost no frames, there is a hole for the speaker and front camera in the front, a triple camera is located behind It looks like a gadget in the folded state. If you pull the right side, the screen will expand twice.

When the device is folded, half the screenturns out to be hidden in the case. She leaves at disclosure. And the user has a large and almost square screen. Unlike the Galaxy Fold, the new model does not need to be bent to transform it into a tablet.

Samsung has not yet announced anything about its plans to use or not use this idea in future products.