Samsung is developing a smartphone with a protrusion for the camera

The struggle to increase the useful area of ​​the screensmartphone continues. Developers of leading companies offer the most original solutions to achieve the maximum frontal area of ​​the display, these are periscopic and rotating selfie cameras, the complete absence of a front camera, and the use of a smartphone with two screens.

Since the spring of this year, there have been reports thatXiaomi is preparing a smartphone with a “reverse bang,” while Vivo and Huawei have already patented a similar phone design. From now on, Samsung has also joined the creation of a smartphone with a bang protruding above the case.

A year ago at KIPO (Korean OfficeIntellectual Property) Samsung Display has filed a patent for an extraordinary screen, with a “reverse notch” in which the camera, sensors and speakers are located. Thus, it is indicated in the patent, due to the removal of these elements outside the screen, the size of the usable area is significantly increased.

It should be noted that various experiments withmoving the front camera off the screen can be stopped if the technology of placing the camera under the display plane achieves digestible photo quality.

Source: letsgodigital