Samsung is developing a 150 megapixel sensor for smartphones

Modern smartphones are equipped with camerascapable of high-quality photo and video shooting. In just a few years, the developers brought the smartphone cameras to a whole new level, equipping even budget devices with sensors with a resolution of 48 and 64 megapixels, and installing a 108 megapixel sensor in top-end models.

Samsung introduced last yearThe world's first 108 megapixel (1 / 1.33 inch) sensor, which is currently already installed on many flagship devices. However, Samsung engineers do not stop there and, according to a leak from Taiwanese representatives of the supply network, are already working on the creation of a 150 megapixel sensor.

The new sensor has not yet received an officialnames, but it is already known that it will have an optical format of about 1 inch and is based on Nonacell technology used in the ISOCELL Bright HM1 (108 MP) sensor installed in the flagship Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. Nonacell represents a further development of Samsung Tetracell technology and allows to reduce optical noise, increase light sensitivity and expand the dynamic range. This was achieved by integrating four neighboring pixels into one. The new Nonacell technology allows you to combine immediately 9 neighboring pixels, which reduces the resolution of the photo from 108 to 12 megapixels.

Taiwanese insiders say new sensorsSamsung creates commissioned Chinese partners, which sounds like a transparent allusion to Xiaomi. Other information about the sensors at 150 megapixels is not reported. It can be assumed that Xiaomi will release the first smartphone equipped with a 150 megapixel sensor in the fourth quarter of 2020. Other companies, including Oppo and Vivo, are expected to use the module in the first quarter of 2021.