Samsung introduced screens with multi-format "bangs" (3 photos)

Samsung has long "laughed" over the neckline at the topparts of the screen of the Apple iPhone, however, the day came when representatives of the South Korean corporation themselves announced something similar. The South Korean company resisted this trend more than others, and still gave up. At the developer conference in San Francisco, Samsung introduced several types of new screens for smartphones.

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The company plans to use three types of screensthey were even given names. The first one was called Infinity-U, the second one was called Infinity-V, and the third one - Infinity-O. The list also includes a clean frameless New Infinity screen.

The first and second types are considered traditional,how their “bangs” are most familiar, although less than those of other manufacturers. The third type of screen is most likely created to fit only the front-facing camera into the “hole”. Confused only by the location of the cut, it is on the left.

If we consider the New Infinity, then this optionwins because many people have been waiting for a frameless screen for a long time. It is assumed that the following flagships will equip this display. Where in this case will place the front camera is unknown.

Note that the Essential Phone has become a pioneer with “monobrowing” under the selfie-camera. And only then Apple released the iPhone X.