Samsung Individual AirDresser Dry Cleaning (video)

Domestic problems previously solved only inpublic enterprises can now be allowed without leaving home. Powerful coffee machines, voluminous washing machines with integrated dryers have already reduced the need for coffee houses and laundries. Now, dry cleaners are in danger of reducing the number of consumers.

The appearance of the dry cleaning cabinet at IFA 2019Samsung's AirDresser marks the beginning of an era of personalized, home-made clothing cleaning. True, so far this option is available only to wealthy people who also have excess living space on which you can place a sufficiently voluminous cabinet designed to clean dust, smooth wrinkles, eliminate odors and even disinfect with steam.

Jet Steam option provides thermalprocessing clothes with steam supplied under pressure. As a result, clothes will be rid of old stains, compressed dust, and pathogenic bacteria will also be destroyed.

To smooth wrinkles on fabrics (up to 100% for wool and up to 80% for viscose), the Wrinkle Care function will help, applying a mixture of steam and air to clothes.

Heatpump Drying System Delivers Delicateprocessing of thin fabrics at low temperatures, ensuring cleaning without deformation and preventing mechanical damage. The persistent odors of the clothes will be eliminated after using the deodorizing filter.

The AirDresser dry cleaning cabinet is suitable for use in the SmartThings system of a smart home, and is controlled using a smartphone. In Russia, sales of AirDresser started on January 9 at a price of 134,990 rubles.