Samsung has released an advanced OLED screen with 4K for laptops (2 photos)

Samsung Display for the first time in the worldAnnounced 15.6-inch OLED-screen, created for laptops with a resolution of Ultra HD (4K, 3840 × 2160 pixels). When compared to IPS matrices we are used to, the display on organic light emitting diodes has several advantages. For example, black color is transmitted, indeed, less energy is consumed.

Ja-Nam Yun, Head of Marketingthe manufacturer, noted that the novelty provides the best solutions technological portable devices. Improved HDR, unprecedented color reproduction, significantly improved visibility outside, because the screen brightness reaches 600 cd / m2, and the dynamic contrast ratio is 120,000: 1. He assured that the new OLED display will give laptop users a decent visual quality.

As noted in the Samsung, the new product is responsibleDisplayHDR True Black specifications. It provides 1.7 times more colors than any similar LCD panel. This is a figure of 3.4 million. The display also corresponds to the DCI-P3 range.

Such panels are more energy efficient and thinner.LCD analogs. However, OLED models will be $ 50–60 more expensive than IPS displays. And that means that prices for laptops may increase. To produce a novelty on a massive scale will begin in February. Then, perhaps, they announce the first devices with these screens. There will be new OLED panels in Samsung laptops and in laptops of other companies. So, a novelty is expected to be seen in the HP Specter x360 OLED's 2 in 1, Dell XPS 15, Alienware m15 and Alienware G15.