Samsung has mastered the 5-nanometer manufacturing process processors

Korean Samsung Corporation reported thatsuccessfully mastered the 5-nanometer technology for the release of mobile processors. The plans - the start of mass production next year. This is currently the most subtle process for creating semiconductor chips.

Reducing the chip production thickness makespossible more dense arrangement of transistors. As a result, energy costs are reduced, the speed of the signal increases. According to the manufacturer, thanks to the 5-nanometer process, processor performance will increase by 10% or by 25% reduced energy consumption.

Technology mastered by the company prettyswiftly. Even at the end of last year, the release of chips on 7-nanometer standards was launched. Although the Exynos 9820 processors installed in the Galaxy S10 flagships, another 8-nanometer chips are used. In the meantime, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 has already been created in a 7-nanometer process.

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New regulations are already being applied on the South KoreanS3 factory in Hwaseong. Samsung even takes orders for the first trial batch. The plans - their mass production from the second quarter of next year. Here TSMC from Taiwan competes with them. This company has recently stated that it is ready to produce 5-nanometer chips (the main buyer is Apple) in a test mode, and their mass production is planned here by the end of this year.