Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and Motorola RAZR smartphones tested for durability (video)

After the presentation last week by the companySamsung of its second-generation flexible smartphone Galaxy Z Flip, has a real opportunity to compare similar models in the emerging market of devices with a folding screen. The long-awaited Motorola RAZR 2020 model, which is already actively explored by experts, will compete with the Galaxy Z Flip model. One of the authoritative bloggers on YouTube, EverythingApplePro conducted a standard comparison of the strength of both models when falling from a height.

It is noteworthy that the form factor of both modelsalmost completely coincides: these are devices in the form of the so-called clamshell, bending along a short edge. In addition, both smartphones have almost identical overall dimensions.

The main difference in the models is the materialflexible screen coatings - Samsung has introduced a more scratch-resistant glass coating, while Motorola has plastic. In addition, the Galaxy Z Flip uses more sophisticated methods to protect the swivel from dust and dirt.

During the drop test, smartphones were dropped onto a concrete cover from a height of human height and from half this height, simulating the smartphone falling out of the user's trouser pockets.

The first surrendered Galaxy Z Flip outdoor screen,which collapsed after falling from a half height when folded. The glass of the small screen cracked, and when it again fell from the height of human growth in the open state, the entire surface was covered with a web of cracks.

During the test when falling from a heightGalaxy Z Flip was not damaged in human growth, and a strip formed on the Motorola RAZR screen. Higher screen durability can be achieved through the metal frame in Samsung's device and the use of innovative glass coating. The test result showed good results for both models. However, it was thanks to the more advanced screen protection technologies used by Samsung that the blogger gave primacy to the Galaxy Z Flip.