Samsung Galaxy S23 will be offered at higher prices than the previous generation

February 1 is approaching - the date of the presentation of the new flagship line of Samsung Galaxy S23 smartphones. AT

networks, there is more and more information about futurenew products, in particular, became aware of the prices at which smartphones will be offered to customers in different countries of Europe and the United States. The prices in the US will be the most attractive, where the lower model Samsung Galaxy S23 will cost $799, the S23 Plus version will cost $999, and the older version S23 Ultra will cost $1,199. European prices will be higher. So, in Spain S23 will start from 959 €, and for the older model S23 Ultra you will have to pay 1,589 €. This means that, unlike the US market in Europe, the price tag for the new S23 range will increase compared to the previous generation, in some cases up to 100€. The strongest increase in the price of the new line can be observed in Denmark, where the price may increase by 175€ compared to the S22.