Samsung Galaxy S10 will be able to charge other smartphones (3 photos)

Samsung will introduce a series of smartphones Galaxy S10Galaxy Unpacked event on February 20, 2019. In anticipation of the launch of all three models, Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 + and Galaxy S10. E (also called the Galaxy S10 Lite), now certified by the US Federal Commission. The FCC certificate states that the Galaxy S10 line will support Bluetooth LE, NFC and Wi-Fi 802.11ax wireless standards, which is also known as Wi-Fi 6, its performance is 40% higher than the previous standard. But the surprises do not end there.

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Another feature that mentionsFCC certification is called "Wireless Energy Transmission", which is explained as the ability to "receive or transmit an AC power signal by magnetic induction or magnetic resonance." This feature sounds like reverse wireless charging, which was already rumored. This means that any smartphone / smart watch / headphone with wireless charging can simply touch the S10 + to start charging. Galaxy S10 +, in fact, serves as a wireless charging pad. The frequency range of the module from 110 kHz to 148 kHz, and it produces up to 9 watts of power.

I want to believe that reversible wirelessCharging the Samsung Galaxy S10 will be faster than the similar functionality of the Huawei Mate 20 Pro. In actual tests, the Chinese smartphone demonstrates the slow process of charging third-party gadgets, which is 2 times less than the capabilities of a standard 5-watt Qi standard docking station.