Samsung Galaxy S10, S10 + and S10e did not pass the strength test (video)

Samsung has announced at the end of winter freshflagship Galaxy S10 series. Models S10, Galaxy S10 + and S10e have a stylish design and many other undoubted advantages. But there are novelties and shortcomings, in addition to substantial cost.

The Trinity was not only beautiful, but notless fragile. The company SquareTrade, which provides extended warranty services for various electronics, tested the Korean flagships for durability and they failed. The worst performance was at the Galaxy S10e. Having fallen from a height of 1.8 meters, the smartphone broke both the glass case and the main camera, as well as the screen, which immediately went out of order. The Galaxy S10 cracked the display, but the device as a whole retained its performance. The Galaxy S10 + also continued to work, but it had broken glass on both sides.

Recall that the maintainability of all threeiFixit experts rated the Galaxy S10 models extremely low. So the owners of these flagships will have to handle them with extreme care. And it is better to protect them with special glass and a reliable cover.