Samsung Galaxy S10 5G became the leader of the tests DxOMark (5 photos)

Ratings of DxOMark experts playimportant role for consumers and experts, evaluating the technical capabilities of new devices. The recently released Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, equipped with 6 cameras, immediately became a leader in the DxOMark rating, gaining 112 points, and caught up with the previous winner - Huawei P30 Pro.

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The flagship Samsung Galaxy S10 5G is equipped with a dualcamera on the front surface and a system of 4 photo modules on the rear panel. The ToF (Time of Flight) scanner is installed in the cameras both in the front and rear. It allows you to create 3D images and supports virtual and augmented reality. Also, the main camera has two 12 megapixel modules (the main one with a changeable aperture of a changeable f / 1.5 aperture, / 2.4, a 16 megapixel wide-angle (123 degrees) module and optical image stabilization.

The main camera of the Samsung Galaxy S10 5GTesting received 112 points. At the same time, the camera lost to the rival Huawei P30 Pro in photography, gaining 117 against 119 points. However, when evaluating video, the main camera of the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G set a record, gaining 100 points for the first time in testing history against 97 in Huawei.

In assessing the quality of photographing specialistsDxOMark noted that the Galaxy S10 5G has an accurate white balance, high-quality color rendition in any light, accurate and fast autofocus. Among the shortcomings were noted: the artifacts that appear when shooting using the bokeh effect, the sharpness of the photo is lost along the perimeter of the photo, moire and haloes appear. Also, the camera has a relatively weak detail of objects when approaching. In this regard, Huawei P30 Pro with 10x zoom ahead.

Video from the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G camera is differenthigh detail in both natural and artificial light. Accurate focusing, high-quality stabilization also performed well. Even with the factory settings, the camera shot excellent video in 4K resolution.

Front camera Samsung Galaxy S10 5G(97/101/90) entered the sole market leader, ahead of its "brother" Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus (96 points) and gaining 97 points. Specialists separately noted good noise reduction, sharpness throughout the frame and an optimal autofocusing system.